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3 Tips for Painting a Wooden Fence

Painting a fence can protect the wood, brighten your yard, and make your neighbor happy. When deciding on paint and method, consider how much masking you’ll need to do. Prep with care and test your topcoat in an inconspicuous spot so you’re sure you love the color.

Tips For Fence Painting


  1. Prep

If the fence has been painted before, it will need to be scraped and sanded. You don’t need to sand off all the paint, but you want to scrap well enough that the loose paint is gone and sand well enough that there are no ridges or bumps between raw wood and remaining paint. If not, it will need to be cleaned. Replace any rotting or cracked boards for the best look when you’re done with your project. Once the fence has been thoroughly cleaned and the boards are in good shape, you’re ready to paint.


  1. Painting with a Sprayer


As a general rule, painting with a spray is faster, but it will take a bit more prep work. Take care to put down drop cloths to catch the overspray, and be ready to trim back shrubs and to cover any decorative features that may get splattered when the wind changes. If possible, paint early or late to avoid the windiest part of the day. Always use a face shield when painting outdoors. Use a horizontal spray pattern to paint the verticals, and a vertical pattern to paint the horizontals. Keep a brush handy to paint the top rail if it lies flat.


  1. Painting with a Brush or Roller


Depending on the wood’s age, you may want to prime before you brush or roll your fence. Check the dry time on the can and get some throw away brushes for this step; while you want good bristle adhesion, such as with a decent nylon brush, working outdoors with primer will make cleanup difficult. Consider using a foam roller that’s similar in width to the fence board for a lovely finish for the topcoat. The rolling and brushing will take longer than working with a sprayer, but there’s a nice Zen feeling that comes with working each board, top to bottom, first with primer and then with paint.


Fence painting on your own can be a long and tedious project. If you don’t have a sprayer and aren’t sure it’s a good investment for you, contact your Henderson painter for a quote on getting the project done quickly and well. Call 702-300-3359 and talk to Ram Painting Company Las Vegas, or send us a note about your project to get you a quote on a great looking fence. Tips on selecting paint for kitchen cabinets.


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