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Ram Painting sets the standard for professional commercial painting services in Las Vegas, just ask our hundreds of satisfied clients. Our portfolio encompasses small and large projects, and we can take on commercial painting, property management, and even HOA.

Our staff brings decades of combined experience with high-quality tools and products to ensure every client need is met and exceeded. Our services include:

Top Commercial Painter

It’s essential that your business or commercial building looks bright, sharp, and well-kept. Having a professional company like Ram Painting come and apply a fresh coat of paint will restore your building to its previous look or make it look like new. We use high-quality paint that can withstand the elements without chipping or fading. We guarantee that you’ll get even coverage with an eye-catching finish that elevates your commercial building to the next level.


Do you live in an area with an HOA, and you need to ensure your property conforms to their regulations? Maybe you have to change the color of your home or shed, but you want a professional-grade finish. Whatever the reason, our team of experienced and dedicated staff can ensure your home or building is up to code. We can match colors, suggest complementary tones, and much more.

Property Management

New property manager? Want to give a rental a facelift? Or, perhaps you noticed areas of the building need a little touching up. Either way, our staff can help. We can perform interior and exterior painting in large and small buildings. No matter if you need a completely new color scheme or touching up and small detail work, we can deliver. Additionally, our paint is durable enough to withstand scuffs and scratches to keep it looking fresh and new.

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