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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Walls Before Painting

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The actual act of painting is pretty straightforward. However, the quality of your paint job will be heavily impacted by the prep work and cleaning that you do. To make sure that your paint job finishes smoothly, do your best to clean and prep your walls well.


  1. Move

If you can’t empty the room you’re painting, move everything to the center of the space so you can

  • have plenty of space to move along the walls
  • protect your belongings from dust, drips and spatter
  • clean your floors as a final step before putting things back

Start with your larges pieces and place artwork face down on top of those pieces. Fill in the center with lamps and other small objects, then build a barrier around these smaller things with chairs and side tables. Finally, cover all of it with plastic and weigh down the edges or tape the plastic at the corners.


  1. Dust

Sweep down the walls with a broom, then wrap microfiber towels around the broom head and wipe down the walls with a bit more pressure. Wipe down the walls with a degreasing cleaner. If your home is open concept, it’s likely that grease particles in the air may be clinging throughout the main floor, so a degreaser will give you a better quality clean. Finally, wipe down the walls with plain water and let them dry completely. Never apply paint or patching compound to a damp wall.


  1. Patch/Prep

During this final rinse, look for small holes, cracks, and flaking paint. Circle these spots lightly with a pencil. Using a good trowel, apply fast-drying sheetrock mud (or spackle, for very small holes) to these uneven areas. Use a light touch; multiple layers, well sanded, will result in a smoother finish. These repairs will take more drying time, but you’ll be much happier with the result. If you have large holes that need attention, the best painter in Las Vegas can help with those repairs.


  1. Sand

Lightly sand your patches once they’re completely dry. Use a fine sanding block to get a perfectly smooth finish, working all the way out to the edges. Run your hand over the entirety of the patch field to make sure you’ve sanded the edges in particular. If you can’t allow for this drying time and need to get painting, start your painting around the patch with light brushing to feather the area so you don’t roll over wet patching compound. You’ll ruin your patch, and it will always crack.


  1. Prime

Professional painting contractors know the power of a good coat of primer, especially if you’re covering a dark or bold shade. Plus, if you missed any patches, you can address them before putting on the topcoat. Not priming over an intense color will waste your topcoat, so take the time to prime.

Painting is an involved and labor-intensive process. If you need help, the professionals at Ram Painting are ready to work on your walls. Give us a call!

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