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6 Signs that it is Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

The paint on the exterior of your home serves as an envelope or seal. This seal protects the wood of your home against the elements, including sun, wind and rain. If you notice any signs that this coating of paint is failing, you will need to act quickly to avoid permanent damage to the wood.

Peeling or Flaking Paint

If your house has wood or hardboard siding, you may see flaking at the bottom of the siding. This flaking will eventually lift to the top of the clapboard, exposing the whole piece of wood. Talking to the experts at Ram Painting, one of the most experienced painting companies in Las Vegas, is critical before the flaking gets too extreme.

Cracked Caulking

Carefully review the caulking around windows and door trim. Caulking will dry over time and will need scraped away and replaced when it fails. Help from expert house painters in Las Vegas can reduce the risk of your home being exposed to the elements by failed caulking.

Faded Paint

As noted above, paint serves as an envelope to protect your home. If you move an ornament from the exterior of your home and notice that the paint color underneath is much more intense, your paint has faded and the protective power of your paint is failing, too.

Worn or Cracked Wood

Worn wood on the outside of your home can mean that you have invasive bugs. Even if it only means that the wood needs replaced, get it done quickly. Once the damaged wood is gone and new wood in place, getting it caulked, primed and painted quickly is critical.

Bubbling Paint

Everything eventually wears out, and the desert is hard on paint as well as wood. If you notice that paint is starting to bubble up, it could well be that the wrong paint was applied at some point in the past, or that the wood below is old. The bubbled paint will need to be sanded and scraped before new paint can be applied.


If you

  • regularly use sprinklers around your home, or
  • have poor rainwater management

there may be water damage affecting the wood on your home. Wet wood expands; dry wood contracts, and paint gives up and flakes away after a time. If you notice any water stains on the wood on your house, it’s critical that you alter your sprinkler pattern and correct any guttering problems you currently have before getting your home repainted.

How House Painters in Las Vegas Can Help

Whether your home needs paint or even if you just want a new color, contact Ram Painting for a quote on protecting your home with a quality coat of paint.

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