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7 Signs that it is Time to Repaint Your Office

If the pandemic has limited your business, now is a great time to repaint. Your employees and clients can come back after the crisis to a fresh, renewed space.

7 Signs Your Office Needs a Makeover


  1. Scrapes and Dings

No matter how careful everyone is, the walls of your office have likely suffered scrapes, scratches, and dings. Take everything off the walls, patch all the holes, sand things smooth, and paint. Not everyone can tolerate dust, so consider hiring a painting contractor Las Vegas to manage the process as cleanly as possible. It’s all the benefits of a new office without the worry of a move.


  1. Clutter

If your office looks tired and messy because of clutter, painting is a great way to force a cleanup. If your office is out of your house, this is even more true! You need to move it all anyway, so why not sort, file, and toss everything at the same time?


  1. Outdated

Even if your office walls are in good shape, they may be outdated. If you’re not sure the last time the space was painted, it could probably use it. Carefully dust down the walls, patch, and paint. The refresher will be worth the work.


  1. Carpet Replacement

When the carpet is ready for replacement, take the time to do it all and do it right. Since the carpet is going anyway, you don’t need to worry about drop cloths. Dust the walls, tape the trim, sand and smooth the walls, and redo the whole space.


  1. Signage and Logo

If you’re rebranding or updating your logo, add a fresh coat of paint to the space and add an accent wall with one of the colors from your new logo. Install a version of your new logo as a sign on the wall. The focus of the whole room will be tied to your new future and focus.


  1. Conference Rooms

If you can’t do the whole office, take the time to update the conference rooms. Add a logo if you like to these spaces, but otherwise do your best to keep these rooms fresh and empty. A table, a credenza, and a computer, along with fresh paint and new carpet, will put a shiny new face on your business and give your clients confidence in your work.


  1. Modernize

You can modernize your business inside and out with a fresh coat of the right color. If you update your logo, pick the strongest color, and incorporate it into your paint scheme. A bold tone to trim windows and doors will make your front façade pop.

Of course, some businesses are busier than ever during these challenging times. Contact Ram Painting, LLC for a quote on your new office paint job. This commercial painter Las Vegas has been updating homes and businesses in your city for years. We’re all in this together, so let us help to boost the look of your business. Read about these steps to remove lead paint quickly.


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