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A Las Vegas Painter Shares Trending Wall Colors

If your home is starting to look dated, then a new coat of paint on your walls can be the perfect solution. It will give your walls a fresh new look and may hide minor imperfections. Before you start talking to a Las Vegas painter, you will want to consider some of the hottest colors for walls.

What Las Vegas Painters See as an Overall Trend

During the COVID pandemic, homeowners were choosing to go with one of two trends. They were either choosing neutrals that had a nostalgic trend to them or choosing warm colors that were bursting with energy. As the world is coming out of the pandemic, house painters see a trend to more natural colors.


You can expect gray-green to appear in many different places, and you may want to choose this color for your walls. One of the reasons that many are falling in love with this color is that it creates a natural look that can bring harmony and sophistication to almost any space. It is particularly beautiful in areas where homeowners choose to grow many plants or in areas that get plenty of natural sunlight.

Emerald Green

One of the hottest trends right now is the use of emerald green and various similar shades. These colors produce a calming influence in a world that seems to be going hectic. Some people will opt for greens with a warm undertone to give a space a little more energy while others will choose options with a cooler undertone to emphasize the need for a soothing effect.

Citron Yellow

While many homeowners have avoided using yellow on their walls for years, that is no longer the case. A popular color right now is citron yellow, which is about the color of butter. A Las Vegas painter might recommend you combine this color with browns and other earthly tones.

Olive Green

The return to earthly tones also has more homeowners opting for olive green as a color for their walls. As with citron yellow, many are choosing to combine it with browns. Particularly in older homes, people often pick this color as it may give the walls a youthful glow that many people love.

Deep Eggplant

One of the hottest trends right now is to create a bold and classical look using shades of black, like deep purple eggplant. They are enhancing this trend by having terracotta tile installed on the floor and choosing other dark elements. Then, they use monochromatic pops of color to create a sophisticated look. If you are considering this option, keep in mind that dark rooms will look smaller. Therefore, you may need to add layers of light if you plan on using the space for activities.


Other homeowners are choosing to use chartreuse on their walls. This yellow-green color can be used to make a room look larger and more youthful. Many people are opting to use this color higher on their walls. Then, they are toning it down with earthy-colored pieces and colors underneath. It goes particularly well with lavender and many pastels while giving a room a vibrant look.

Sandy Beige

Warm neutrals, like sandy beige, are hot right now as they make rooms seem cozy and warm. Many areas of your home may benefit from house painters in Las Vegas adding this color to your home as it does a great job of reflecting natural light. This color is highly versatile, so it works well with a variety of décor styles.


Blue-green is an attractive choice to ask a painting company in Las Vegas to add to your walls. This may be an excellent color for bedrooms as it can be an incredibly soothing color. It is also easy to make this color look sophisticated with the right furniture, so it may be a perfect choice for bedrooms. Like other hot trending colors, it is an earthy tone that may help your family and friends feel rooted.


The use of apricot and citrus colors is on the rise, especially in kitchens. While these colors are found in nature, Vegas painters say that people often choose them for their nostalgic value. As the world tries to reemerge after the pandemic, people turn to colors that make them remember their childhoods. Many people combine this color with old-fashioned kitchen curtains and other elements to make it look like their childhood kitchen while still enjoying modern conveniences.


Homeowners who want to make a room look bigger are still going with nature-inspired colors. One hot choice right now is lilac. The warm undertones of this color make people feel happier, and everyone can use the boost right now. It is particularly a popular choice for kitchens, breakfast nooks and bedrooms.

Yellow Beige

Yellow beige and other warm undertone beiges are coming back in a big way at the end of 2021 and should continue into 2022. While beiges in the past have had more of a cool undertone, your Las Vegas painter may recommend options that have a warm undertone this time around. They are often pairing yellow-beige and other choices with whites that also have a warm undertone.

Green Quartz

Another option that many are going with is green quartz. Then, they use other shades of green in their interior to create a monochromatic look. This color choice also goes very well with nature-inspired browns. Many homeowners are picking this option to create Zen in their homes by adding other natural elements.

Navy Blue

A color choice that has been hot for a few years now and will remain hot is navy blue. Unlike a few years ago when navy blue was used to create sophisticated looks, it is now being used with pops of color, such as sunshine yellow, to create a fun look. It is also being combined with warm whites to create a nautical or country look.

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