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A Las Vegas Painter Uses Many Kinds of Exterior Paint

Whether you plan to put your home on the market or just want to give it a fresh look, consider a new coat of paint. It’s easy to pick a fun color that matches your outdoor decor. You might go with a neutral color to help your landscaping stand out or add some bright pops of color. A Las Vegas painter can help you learn more about the different types of exterior paints and pick the right one for your home.

Oil Paint vs. Latex Paint

Though you might think of oil paint as a type you would use in an arts and crafts class, it is also a suitable choice for most homes. This type of paint is best for smaller surfaces than larger ones though. While a commercial painter might use it on the metal rails that lead up a stairway or on a front door that people open and close often, they usually won’t use it on a whole home. Oil paint is easy to clean and lasts for years.

Are you looking for a painter near me because you need help choosing an exterior paint type? Experts might recommend latex paint. While oil paint can take a full day to dry, latex paint dries much faster. By the time the Las Vegas painter finishes the back of your house, the first coat on the front might be dry. This type of paint also expands and contracts as the temperature changes to keep the finished paint from cracking. You can choose from dozens of colors and custom blends too.

Paint Finishes

The Las Vegas painter you choose will also want you to look at the different types of paint finishes. This tells you how the finished paint will look when it dries. Both gloss and high gloss paints are popular with those who want a classic look. House painters can use this type on both the walls and accents. It dries to a shiny and glossy finish that some like and is less susceptible to damage than some other finishes are. Gloss paint will not show scuffs or other marks. The downside to glossy paint is that it allows damage to shine through the final coat such as scratches on your sills.

If you like the look of glossy paint but worry that it will look too bright and shiny in Vegas, go with semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is resistant to stains, which makes it a popular choice for door frames and other areas. Once it dries, it has a touch of shine that isn’t quite as shiny as gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is a good option for the exteriors of Vegas homes because it can stand up to the elements like sunshine and dry air.

Matte paint is a type of exterior paint that some Vegas painters use. You might hear some refer to it as flat paint because it has a flat or dull look when it dries. While you won’t want to use this in areas that get a lot of use like your front door and window frames, it can be an excellent choice for your walls. Matte paint dries to such a deep and dark finish that it hides any scratches or imperfections that you might see. Some Vegas painters also like that they can easily touch up homes that use matte paint.

Your residential painter may also suggest you choose satin paint. Satin paint has a small amount of sheen when it dries that looks similar to satin fabric. It is a good choice for Vegas homes that have stone or stucco outside, but it can also look nice when used on a brick or wood home. One thing to keep in mind about satin paint is that its sheen allows more imperfections to shine through. Your Vegas painters may recommend that you take care of those issues before they paint. A popular reason house painters in Las Vegas choose satin paint is that it’s easy to clean.


Most painters will not paint homes unless they can apply primer first. Primer is a type of material that creates a smooth and even surface for the paint. Not only does it let the paint adhere better to your home, but it gives the finished job a sleeker look. It usually takes about a day for the primer to dry, which is why painters will apply it first and then return the next day to paint your home. Some homes may require multiple coats of primer.

Oil-based primer is one of the more popular choices for Vegas homes. Painters can use it before applying either latex or oil paint. It has a reputation as a stain killer because it hides any stains on your home such as those left behind by mold. An oil-based primer can also hide the signs of environmental damage that come from living in the desert. A painting company Las Vegas expert will not use an oil-based primer on a home that has masonry work because it can peel off the bricks.

Latex primer works just as well and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. One of the best reasons to use this type of primer is that it can hide any repairs or patch jobs on your home. Another reason to choose latex primer is that it’s available in versions that do not produce as many fumes. You don’t need to worry about paint fumes wafting in through your windows and making you or your family sick.

If you have a Vegas home that shows some signs of damage, your residential painter may recommend shellac primer. Shellac primer is one of the oldest types. It does a good job of sealing strong odors and stopping them from coming back. You might choose a shellac primer after you suffered a house fire. Painters will look at the type of paint on your home and what the finishes look like when picking the type of primer to use.

Pick the Right Exterior Paint for Your Home

Choosing the right type of paint can give your home a welcoming look that lasts for years. Your top choices include both latex and oil paint. When it comes to the finished look, you can choose from options such as matte and glossy paints. The best way to find out more about the different types of exterior paint and which one is best for your home is with help from a Las Vegas painter.

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