A master guide to using stucco paint

A Commercial Painting Company Explains Using Stucco Paint

When you work with a commercial painting company in Las Vegas, you’ll find one of the most popular exterior surfaces is stucco, so finding the right paint for stucco surfaces is paramount. What makes stucco paint stand out? The following examines the benefits of stucco paint and serves as a master guide on how painting companies in Las Vegas apply the paint to exterior surfaces.

What Is Stucco Paint?

Stucco paint is a type of paint made specifically for stucco surfaces. Stucco is often used as an exterior coating on buildings, and it is famous for its unique textured appearance. Stucco is made from water, sand, and cement.

Stucco paint adheres to the porous and textured stucco surfaces while still allowing the surface to breathe. The paint is a high-quality paint that is made from elastomeric resins and acrylic. Some of its properties include being flexible as well as being resistant to mildew and water. With proper maintenance, stucco paint can last for 20 years.

How Does Stucco Paint Differ From Acrylic Paint?

When you work with a commercial painting company in Las Vegas, you’ll have the option of working with stucco paint or other types of paint, such as acrylic paint. Stucco paint differs from acrylic exterior paint in the following ways.

• Durable. Stucco paint is designed to withstand harsh exterior elements, such as the intense summer heat in Las Vegas. The paint also provides a protective barrier that resists peeling and cracking. Acrylic paints should not be applied to temperatures below 40 Fahrenheit.

• Adhesion. Stucco paint adheres effectively to stucco but still lets the stucco surface breathe. The strong adhesion reduces the need for frequent paint jobs.

• Flexibility. When commercial buildings expand and contract, the stucco paint stretches and contracts as well. This elastomeric property offers great flexibility and helps to prevent the paint from cracking.

• Moisture. Acrylic paints prevent moisture buildup beneath the paint layer and can withstand exposure to water. Acrylic paints can eventually soften when exposed to moisture for a long time and, consequently, suffer damage from mold or bacteria.

• Cost-effectiveness. Although stucco paint is more expensive compared to regular acrylic paint, it is more durable. This can result in long-term savings as you’ll need fewer touch-ups.

• Longevity. Both stucco paint and acrylic paints can last up to 20 years if maintained well.

Benefits of Using Stucco Paint for House Painting in Las Vegas

As stucco paint is tailored specifically for stucco surfaces, there are some obvious benefits when you use it on your stucco commercial building.

• Adhesion. Stucco paint adheres to the porous and rough surfaces of stucco efficiently. When stucco is added to paint, it fills in any visible hairline cracks. Filling in the small crevices results in a smoother appearance.

• Flexibility. Stucco surfaces expand and contract with temperature changes. Some stucco paints have elastomeric properties which allow the paint to contract and expand as well. This flexibility is a great feature that reduces the risk of peeling and cracking.

• Breathability. Because stucco is porous, it allows moisture to pass through it. Stucco paint allows the stucco underneath to breathe, letting the water vapor escape. This feature prevents moisture buildup underneath the stucco layers.

• Durability. Stucco paint is made to withstand harsh exterior environments, such as extremely cold weather or scorching hot weather. It is also designed to resist cracking and fading.

A Master Guide to Using Stucco Paint

A commercial painting company usually takes the following steps when using stucco paint.

Surface Preparation

Before a company starts any job, they prepare the exterior surface. This sets the foundation for an efficient paint job. Once you prepare the surface, you will have excellent paint adhesion and a smooth finish. If you neglect this step or do a mediocre job, you will reduce the longevity of the final paint job.

• Clean the surface. You should clean the stucco surface to remove any dirt or grime. Essentially, you want to remove anything that will interfere with the adhesion of your paint. If you don’t clean your surface properly, you’ll be faced with premature peeling later.

• Repair any imperfections. Repair any holes, hairline cracks, or imperfections on the stucco surface. If you don’t repair imperfections at this stage, you’ll get an uneven appearance when you apply the coats of paint.

• Apply primer. Not all stucco paints need primer. However, the primer does help with paint adhesion and helps to create a smooth surface. The primer also prevents the stucco from absorbing the paint.

Choose the Right Stucco Paint

Choosing the right stucco paint is crucial before applying it to your surface for several important reasons.

• Adhesion properties. Stucco paints have different adhesion properties depending on the stucco surface. When selecting the right paint, you will need to look at the adhesion properties and the paint’s resistance to peeling and flaking. Make sure the paint you choose is compatible with the stucco on your building as not all stucco paints are compatible with every stucco surface.

• Protective properties. Stucco paints are designed with various strengths when it comes to protecting surfaces from harsh weather conditions. Some protect against UV radiation while others protect against moisture or extreme temperature changes. Match the stucco paint with the climate you live in.

• Aesthetics. Stucco paint comes in a range of finishes and colors, so you’ll want to choose the right color for your Las Vegas commercial building. You can significantly enhance your property by picking the shades.

• Longevity and maintenance. Talk with a commercial painter to find out which paint will give you a long-lasting finish. As Las Vegas has a desert climate, you want to ensure your stucco paint can withstand Las Vegas’s hot, dry summers.

Apply the Paint

When painting companies in Las Vegas apply stucco paint to exterior surfaces, there are specific steps they take to ensure the finished results look professional. These steps are as follows.

• First, stir the paint to ensure the texture is consistent and not bumpy.

• Next, use a roller, sprayer, or brush. The choice of tools will depend on the stucco surface.

• Always start from the top and work your way down, applying the paint evenly and ensuring you create a uniform appearance.

• Let the first coat dry.

• In most cases, you will need to apply additional coats of paint.

• Let each coat dry before applying the next coat.

Clean Up Everything

Once the coats are dry, it’s time to clean up. A professional painting company should clean up all their tools immediately after using them. They will also dispose of any empty containers and debris according to local Las Vegas guidelines.

How a Commercial Painting Company Can Help

If you need a commercial painter to paint your commercial building in Las Vegas, help is available. Many painting companies in Las Vegas provide both residential and commercial painting services. They can work on both large and small buildings and complete the entire job or do touch-ups.

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