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Causes of and Fixes for Bubbles in Exterior Paint

How a Painting Company in Las Vegas can Fix Bubbles

Painting a home’s exterior surfaces is more challenging than it might appear. Unless you receive assistance from a professional residential painter, there are many problems that can develop as you apply new coats of paint. For instance, the ideal temperature range when painting exterior surfaces is around 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Going outside of this range in either direction increases the likelihood that the paint job will be compromised in some way. Paint bubbles are highly common but can be fixed with the right approach. If you’re wary about fixing this issue yourself, call a painting company in Las Vegas.

Causes of Blistering or Bubbling Paint

Bubbles or blisters can develop when the layer of paint you apply doesn’t properly adhere to the surface. When the new layer of paint dries up, it will pull away from the surface, which results in the formation of pockets of water or air underneath. While it’s possible for some of these bubbles to pop or deflate without any extra work, the blistered areas might not reattach to the underlying surface. Over time, these areas can start to peel. Some blisters or bubbles will harden once the paint dries, which can lead to a blemished and uneven surface.

While there are many reasons that bubbles develop after exterior paint is applied, the most common ones include:

• Extreme heat

• Dirt

• Moisture

• Other contaminants

If the surface isn’t correctly prepared before the paint is applied, it’s likely that bubbles will develop. The area that’s being painted needs to be cleaned and washed beforehand. Once the area is clean, you can start taping off spots that you don’t want the paint to touch.

How a Painting Company in Las Vegas can Fix Bubbles in Exterior Paint

There are several things that can be done to repair blistered or bubbled paint. While you can complete these fixes on your own, it’s highly recommended that you hire house painters in Las Vegas to provide the necessary fixes. Any additional mistake you make will only worsen the issue and may result in more expensive repair work.

If you want to make these fixes without contacting a Las Vegas painter, the steps you can take to remove bubbles from exterior paint include getting rid of the damaged paint, having the surface prepared for an additional coat, and repainting the affected area.

However, the first thing you should do is remove the underlying cause that resulted in the paint bubbling. Even though some paint issues can occur because the paint was incorrectly applied, bubbles almost always develop because of improper surface preparation.

The surfaces should be sponged off with soap and water before being thoroughly dried with a rag. Make sure a high-quality primer is applied to the surface to cover up any stains that exist. As mentioned previously, the best time to paint exterior surfaces is when the temperature is between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you should be able to go up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit without too many problems.

If the bubbling is caused by moisture, resolving the underlying problem can be more challenging. It’s possible that water has infiltrated your home or a plumbing leak has occurred. After a heavy storm, rain could get beneath the exterior materials and eventually damage them. If it rained in your area shortly after paint was applied, the moisture could be the cause of the bubbling.

If you’re unable to trace the bubbling issues to any of the aforementioned factors, the roller cover that you’re using could be the problem. Using an incorrect roller material for the surface that you’re painting on can result in poor paint adherence. When painting on semi-smooth or smooth surfaces, consider using a foam roller cover. Slightly rougher surfaces might require a medium nap roller cover.

Once you’ve determined why the paint hasn’t properly stuck to the substrate, you can focus on fixing any blistered or bubbled areas. Make sure that you place drop cloths in the surrounding area to keep paint flakes from falling to the ground. The first step in fixing paint bubbles is to remove the damaged paint, which only requires a putty knife.

When using a putty knife, don’t scrape too hard. The paint should be lifted slowly. In the event that only 1-2 bubbles are present on the surface, the entire area might not need to be retouched. After the damaged paint has been removed, you can use the putty knife to fill in any indentations or holes with patching compound. The compound should dry completely before you sand the areas with fine-grit sandpaper. The surface should then be cleaned before a primer is applied.

At this stage of the process, you can repaint the surface with a roller or brush. If you’re using an oil-based paint, it can’t be applied over a layer of water-based latex paint. If you have any questions about the type of paint that should be used, consider calling Vegas painters.

Keep in mind that applying a new coat of paint to a surface that already consists of old paint can lead to other problems. Sanding or scraping away old paint could expose you to fumes or dust that contains lead. You should always wear protective equipment during a paint job like this.

Additional Tips and Suggestions to Remember

Along with cleaning, priming, drying, and beginning the paint job, the method you use when painting can also make a large difference. Consider using a wooden stirrer or power drill attachment that mixes paint slowly. If you use a roller, the paint should be applied gradually. At a high speed, blistering is common.

Because of the problems that can persist when you attempt to apply paint without the help of a Henderson painter, you should hire a painting company in Las Vegas or ask them questions before fixing your paint bubbles and applying a new coat of paint. The company you hire can identify the cause of the bubbling and tell you how the problem can be fixed with the minimal amount of work.

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