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Different Paint Sheens Explained by a Painting Company in Las Vegas

Paint Sheens, paint sheen

An experienced painting company in Las Vegas can create the perfect look when you know what finish you’re looking for. A chart helps you with that. Look at this basic guide and delve into the look you want. Then consider the way that finish matches your lifestyle. Sometimes the two don’t match.

Gloss Options for Residential Painters

Gloss paint has a shine to it. The light reflects off to create a glossy finish. It also means the surface lasts longer between paint jobs. Every paint job has a repaint schedule that you must follow to maintain the look of the surface. It always depends on the use of the area. So there is no set timeline. There are a few recommendations, though.

Wood surfaces need it every seven years. Aluminum requires it about every five years. Stucco normally lasts about six years. Brick is the easiest surface to paint. You won’t need to repaint for about 20 years. Consult a painting company in Las Vegas for even more tips.

Levels of Gloss Paints

There are several levels of sheen to paint choices. The high sheen or high gloss finish is best for doors, cabinets, and other high-use surfaces. It lasts the longest and allows you to wash it with simple soap and water. Simple gloss paint is less durable and has less of a shine. It’s perfect for bathrooms and other areas where water could lead to mold or simple mildew. Use a gloss surface in those rooms for the best result.

Semigloss is less reflective but also offers enough of a shine that it reflects light and is often used in higher traffic rooms. It’s the best choice for your window trims. Low-gloss finishes are like your eggshell paint choice. It offers a decent level of light reflection and washes with simple soap and water. Remember that it shows issues with paint application. If a line exists, it will show up.

Flat Paint Choices

When you use flat paint, you’re selecting one that is hard to keep clean. You need to paint this finish every three years. You can wash it, but over time, that will damage the paint. Not only that, but you should also note that it is susceptible to mold and mildew. It doesn’t protect the surface like your sheen or gloss finishes.

Matte finishes are the same as a flat paint finish. It is the choice for most rentals today. It matches the lifestyle of frequent moves in a property. You can use this in a living room for a subtle color pop for the décor. Never use this in a child’s room unless you want to paint it often. The same applies to bathrooms and kitchens.

Eggshell Paint Finishes

This is another popular choice for some rentals. The idea is to avoid repainting between tenants. Since it’s more durable, it doesn’t need to be repainted as much. It is washable, and hole patches work fairly well with it after a tenant moves out. Homeowners like it because it’s like the best of all choices. It is more durable but also has a less drastic sheen to the overall appearance.

It is also called semigloss by some paint companies. Either way, it’s an excellent choice for many uses around your home. You can clean it easily with soap and water without damaging it. It also doesn’t need repainting as much, making it more cost-efficient.

Other Considerations

While you know the various finishes and how they last and perform, consider the vibe of the room in question. Each finish also makes the room look different. To consider which one serves you best, evaluate these aspects for each one. You can even change the appearance of size with a different choice.

A glossier paint finish makes a room look larger because it bounces the light more. A flat surface might look nice, but the room will appear smaller. If your lighting is off, this effect isn’t as important. Higher lighting fixtures really add to the dazzle of the room that has a glossy finish like eggshell.

If you have a lot of rough textures to the surface that you’re painting, you shouldn’t use a gloss finish. Use a matte or flat finish instead. It won’t look right otherwise. Also, consider how you use the room. If you have a playroom that you are painting, you need to consider the things above. A high-activity room needs a gloss finish. Eggshell finishes are best.

The satin finish is another good choice for high activity rooms. These paints are typically acrylic-based. They offer the same flexibility as eggshell and high-gloss paints. You can wash crayons off easily. Dirt comes off with simple soap and water too. It’s perfect for bathrooms as well. It prevents mildew and mold in high-humidity parts of your home.

A Painting Company in Las Vegas Answers Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some of these same questions to ask Henderson painters. You might wonder about the best choice for the silkiest finish. Eggshell and satin finishes are close to convenience and longevity. They both look nice as well. Eggshell is more difficult to keep clean, though. That should help you narrow it down.

So it really depends on what your desired goal is for the surface that you’re painting. Another question involves color. The sheen does change the way the surface looks. Many people want to paint cabinets with a high-gloss finish to make them easier to clean. It turns out, though, that these surfaces tend to chip at times. So a more subtle sheen is always best for cabinets.

If you’re painting things for yourself, you need to also consider the sheen issue. If you don’t get the brushstroke just right, the higher-gloss finish will show it badly. The same rule applies to an uneven surface. If you have that bubble-finished wall, high gloss is a poor choice.

Also, the hue of the color you’re painting the object with changes how you pick your finish. A darker color can handle more than a brighter color. The brighter the color you select, the less shine you need. Otherwise, it will look poorly designed.

All these things should help you make a more educated choice. Even if you’re unsure, your Las Vegas painter can help you make your decision. Most professional painters know a lot about colors, finishes, and what works best.

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