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How Often to Contact a Painting Company in Las Vegas

Do you know how often you should contact a painting company in Las Vegas or how often you should repaint your home? Many people wait for years and years before even considering repainting their homes, but the truth is that you should usually do it after about five years give or take. It depends largely on your siding and other factors that will be discussed here.

Overall Time to Contact a Painting Company in Las Vegas

As stated above, the specific answer depends on the siding you have along with other factors such as weather and temperature. At the same time, you might be looking for a general answer. Most experts would agree that about five years to a maximum of 10 years is when you should repaint your home or contact a painting company in Las Vegas to do it for you.

Keep in mind that this is the general answer. Some materials are intended to last longer while others may need to be repainted in three years. You also need to consider all the factors affecting your specific home as this can dramatically alter how often you should repaint your home.

Different Materials

One of the major factors that determines how often you should repaint your home is the material used for your siding. Some materials need to be repainted very often while others can last for many years before needing a new coat of paint.

Wood siding tends to need more repainting than other materials. This is because it soaks up paint and is more susceptible to damage. You’ll often need to repaint wood siding every three to seven years. Stained wood lasts about four years on average.

Aluminum siding is durable, but it should be repainted every five years or so. The same for stucco, but it can last about five or six years depending on how well you care for it.

Brick is another common material. Many people keep their bricks bare. If this is the case, then it only needs to be cleaned every now and then to maintain the material. If you are painting your brick siding, then it can often last 15 to 20 years before needing to be repainted. There are also new types of material, such as cement fiberboard, that can last 10 or more years before needing new paint.

Previous Coat of Paint

Believe it or not, the last coat of paint is a major factor in when you need to paint again. If you just purchased the home, then you may have no idea when it was last painted or what it was painted with. You will want to consider the quality of paint, what type of paint was used, the number of coats applied and the color. This can determine when a new coat is needed and when you should contact a painting company in Las Vegas for a new paint job.

In general, it’s best if you use high-quality paint in lighter shades. This tends to last the longest. It’s best to apply two or three coats instead of just one, and acrylic paint usually lasts the longest. Acrylic paint also tends to be resistant to fading.


Another major factor that you have little control over is the weather. The type of weather you commonly experience will dramatically change how long the paint lasts. While calm weather is obviously best for paint, you can’t control how hot or cold it gets.

Those who live in areas with intense summers and high heat will have to worry about the paint fading quickly or even bubbling. Other factors to consider would be frequent storms, high humidity and harsh winters. You can often protect your home somewhat with trees to prevent harsh sunlight and fences that can dampen the effects of wind and storms. While this won’t entirely remove the effects of weathering, it will reduce the harm.

General Maintenance

Just like with your own body, preventative maintenance is often the best way to stop problems before they get too big. The truth is that your paint will often fade or chip in certain areas before spreading to others. If you maintain your home and fix these problems when they come up, then you can get months or even years more from your current coat of paint.

You should regularly wash dirt, moss and other build up off your home. Consider doing this on a monthly basis to keep your siding and paint fresh. These particles can wear paint away, so removing them will bolster its longevity. While soap or cleaning solution might be needed for tough stains, you can often just hose off the walls and that should be enough. Try to keep this up in the winter if possible just so the particles don’t have a chance to make your paint deteriorate.

Check for signs of wear and tear as well. These include rot, signs of dampness, chalkiness, infestations from bugs or mice, mold and fading. It’s best to fix these problems as they come up. This will give your paint the best chance of lasting as long as possible. If you don’t, then expect to paint your home more frequently.

Selling the Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, then you want to give your house as much curb appeal as possible. The truth is that your paint has probably faded at least somewhat, even if you painted it just a few years ago. While a somewhat newer paint job might be fine, this could be the perfect time to repaint your home so that it looks bright and vivid to buyers.

Not only that, but buyers will be happy that they won’t have to repaint the home as soon as they get it. This can increase the value of your home, and it makes the siding look much better. Consider doing this shortly before putting it on the market to attract more potential buyers.

It would likely be best to go with light, neutral tones when doing this unless your neighborhood is known for very vivid colors. You don’t want to turn off buyers by using a color that they might hate. Consider a common color that everyone will enjoy.

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