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How to Determine Which Sheen Option is Best for Your Walls

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The sheen of paint can be quite subtle, but it significantly impacts how light travels through the space. The higher the gloss, the more reflection on the paint. In addition, paints with a higher sheen or gloss are much easier to clean than flat paint. Depending on the room you’re working in, your paint choices should vary.


Washable and Moisture Resistant

Flat paint has a velvety finish and doesn’t reflect a great deal of light. It’s an ideal choice for a bedroom or your favorite movie-watching space. However, if a room is going to be subjected to steam or airborne grease, flat paint is a poor choice. Your kitchen and bath need to be coated in a satin finish paint, preferably one that’s moisture-resistant and mildewproof.


Soothing Finishes and Tones

As noted above, a flat finish offers very little reflection. According to interior painters Las Vegas, rooms that need to darken effectively can really benefit from a flat finish. Consider using an eggshell paint if you want a little more light reflection in an office or a child’s bedroom. It’s important to note that the condition of your walls will become more obvious as the reflection of the paint increases. If your walls are in good shape, an eggshell finish in family rooms and dining rooms is a great option.


When to Let it Shine

For trim, semi-gloss paint is a great choice. Make sure that you’re aware of how imperfections are highlighted by higher gloss paint. Unless the surface is in excellent shape, a high gloss paint won’t look great. In addition, painting contractors in Las Vegas remind us that application skills are critical when it comes time to apply a high gloss paint. Every little drip will show, and any unevenness in the surface will be telegraphed through the paint. If you’ve got trim to paint, make sure it’s in very smooth shape before you apply gloss paint.


Use a Primer

For flat, eggshell, and satin finish paint, you’ll need a primer to cover any deeply saturated tones. If you don’t know when the space was last painted, it’s a good idea to prime all the walls. Once you’ve primed, you can check for imperfections, fix them, and add your topcoat. When painting trim, a good primer will create terrific “grab” for your semi-gloss or glossy topcoat.


The Right Tools

Foam rollers are ideal for applying semi-gloss or gloss paint to trim. The finish is very even, and you won’t have to see the brush marks you thought you fixed. For wall paint, use a roller with a synthetic cover of at least a 3/8″ nap. Natural covers are great for oil-based paint, but most interior jobs can be done with latex.

Your painting goals are within reach and will have your home looking amazing. If your project will require more time than you have, contact us for a quote.

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