How to Paint the Outside of a House Without Scaffolding

Your Las Vegas Painter Without a Scaffolding Setup

A good paint job often calls for your painter to get hard to get places that are high or dangerous when reaching. Your Las Vegas painter has to find a solution when you’ve contracted them to do a good job. However, at times, there are obstacles that disable them from elevating to the height they need. When this is the case, your professional house painters need to strategize to reach hard spots without compromising their work. There are substitutes for painting those high areas without scaffolding. Knowing the options will give you more to work with.

Why Wouldn’t Scaffolding Be Possible?

Successful scaffolding requires painters to take the time to build a structure that may or may not be convenient for your space. At large commercial buildings, scaffolding is more likely to have endless boundaries of space to take up. At your home, that space might not exist. The process is not only time-consuming, but you need the right personnel and structural parts to put it together. At times, it’s the weather conditions that disable your contractor from finding enough time to piece together a scaffolding structure. In rare cases, the building being painted is just too high.

Can I Just Spray High Areas With Paint?

In rare cases, a spray gun is more convenient than a brush, however, you won’t have the ability to extend its aim. Spray guns create an even, steady coat of paint but only if you can spray a surface area up close. With a spray canister, the farther it gets away from your center of gravity, the less accurate it will be. This is why contractors prefer to use rollers over spray guns. Sprays tend to consume more paint and require more time to get an even surface with. With a roller, you can allow it to leave your center of gravity while staying accurate and steady at a distance.

Starting With a Las Vegas Painter

The simplest solution to painting high walls without scaffolding is to not attempt the job yourself. By working with a professional Las Vegas painter, you won’t need to buy extra equipment or learn how to use it. A professional will also create a solution for the specific challenges you’re faced with. No situation is exactly the same. Though there are reliable solutions to painting without scaffolding, trained painters can tell you which are ideal or can apply to you. You don’t have to attempt a large job that others are equipped to make a small one.

The Telescoping Pole

A most common, reasonable substitute to a scaffolding tower is an extension pole. These are often referred to as telescoping poles that painters attach rollers onto. As an industry standard, the poles retract to lengths of 6 feet. However, they also extend for lengths of up to 24 feet long. They can be used while a painter works from the ground or on an elevated platform. For most projects, a length of 24 feet is enough to touch a house’s highest point. A competent painting company in Las Vegas will have extension poles made either from aluminum or fiberglass.

Extendable Ladders

Ladders are always helpful to have when someone is painting your home. However, not all ladders will do the job, so you need to have the exact one for your work. The ideal ladder for a high wall is one that can extend to the exact height you need. This isn’t always possible. With an A-frame ladder, for example, you’re limited to the height that ladder stands at when its two separate legs are spread open. Your contractor will, instead, consider an extension ladder. This variety requires more help in stabilizing it, but it’ll lock at the height that’s needed for painting.

Edge Protection Access Platforms

Scaffolding is a type of access platform, and there are five varieties to consider in total. Your contractor doesn’t have to settle with scaffolding alone. Edge protection systems work when painters need to work directly on a roof in order to finish their jobs. These systems can be temporary or permanently installed for future use. When installed, they consist of rails that workers attach harnesses to. In other cases, workers can simply use edge protection in the same manner as a stairwell banister. The scope of the job and home construction dictate which.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

A MEWP machine makes elevating to higher heights easier than any option available. Moving this machine onto a property will take time, but its mechanical column will rise to your level without delay. Be it powered by gas or electricity, a simple pull on its level will raise a platform attached to an extending arm. The mobile elevating work platform will be owned by your contractor, or it will be rented solely for your project. Being manufactured on wheels allows it to adjust as needed. It can then be parked via a lock mechanism for house painters in Las Vegas.

What Do Commercial Painters Offer Over Residential Ones?

A commercial painter will have a number of solutions to substitute scaffolding with but through heavier equipment. Their gear will be adjusted for larger projects and higher buildings. As a Las Vegas painter, a commercial professional will also use specialized paints and primers. Pressure washing, which is good for cleaning buildings, is a specialty these types of painters have.

In the same manner as when a structure is being painted, washing building surfaces with pressured H2O requires elevation. Extension poles and lift booms are a few of the tools painters have at their disposal. The residential painter will also be equipped to reach high walls but with equipment designed for smaller projects. This equipment can move within a residential property with ease. It can then be taken away with relative simplicity, and the work gets done without scaffolding.

A Wonderful, Reliable Painter Near Me

Your closest Vegas painters have a wealth of skills to offer. Be it for residential or commercial needs, working without scaffolding is always possible. Your Las Vegas painter should be consulted so that you devise a plan that works well for both of you. When the weather, space or resources don’t permit scaffolding, you can still get a great job done. Call your contractor today.

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