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Learn Color Palette Tips From a Las Vegas Painter

Any Las Vegas painter can tell you how to select your aesthetic to create the perfect color block look for your home. When you look at the color of the exterior of your home, you see an aesthetic that is perfect. Add to that with other colors to complement the palette. Your Las Vegas painter should know how to work within the parameters that you set. Don’t be afraid to consult a professional interior designer to find the perfect balance. The color blocking really adds a creative touch to the palette.

How to Use Interior Color Blocking

It might surprise you how easy it is to create a unique look using color blocking. There are several ways your Vegas painters can use the palette chosen to make your desired look. Horizontal and vertical color blocks make a room look geometric and modern. Some designers use one color on one wall, and another color from the chosen palette for the other. One room can use various colors together to make a fascinating design. Another neat idea that your house painters might use, is to create a children’s room from the color block concept. An entire theme can work well with color blocking.

Theme Ideas Used by Las Vegas Painters

Ask your Vegas painters about designs that match themes. One example that makes a unique child’s room, uses color blocking for Minecraft decor. Bright blue and medium green hues work well with the Minecraft theme as a background of color. Adding brown at the base really makes the theme pop for a children’s room that could hold up in the famous interior decorating magazines. Or have your painters add a color block of color at the edge of the room to change the perceived height of the room.

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A Las Vegas Painter Offers Several Choices for Your Color Blocking

When you find a painter near you to do your color block paintwork, ask if they know how to create several designs using the design. Not all painters know how to do or provide color block work. Here are some of the designs to ask about:


• Halfway
• Ceiling to the Floor
• Multiple-tone Designs
• One Color in Another
• Classic Color Block Design


Each one of these offers a unique design for a creative look in your home. If a painter hasn’t done one previously, they might be able to complete the job. Ask yourself if they should, though. You need a seasoned painter that understands each option for the various color block designs.

Halfway Color Block Design Ideas

When you have your painter paint block halfway up the wall, it adds depth to the room. When a few accents get added to the design, it creates a whimsical look. Another aspect that you can have them do for you is to feather the top of the color block for a lighter look that fades into the next color. Adding some geometric designs to the color blocks makes a modern look for the room. Think about how a zigzag pattern of two colors could add some spice to the aesthetic.

Ceiling to Floor Color Block Design Ideas

Ceiling to the floor looks is another consideration for a fun design. Ask the painter about color block painting the ceiling and one wall, for a dramatic effect. A stencil design could add to the aesthetic even more. It can frame a special piece of furniture. Another use for this color block look is to create one corner of the room that is one color. It makes one room look like several rooms together.

Multiple-Tone Color Block Design Ideas

When geometric designs get a frame on a wall, different colors in your color palette create an ultra-modern look. If you have fabric colors like that in the furniture, the walls add to the room. Another application to ask your painters about is simply using multiple tones of your colors on the walls. When your painters do this type of design, your home suddenly looks like it cost you a million to design. Most house painting Las Vegas companies know how to use this aesthetic in your home painting job.

One Color in Another Color Block Design Ideas

Ask your painters to use your chosen color palette to make arches at the doorways. Then place another color from that same palette to add depth on top of the last color. Do that with the other two walls in the same color. It makes a room look larger than it is. Consider the rooms you have already that have one color around the door entrance, with one main color for the room. It takes that same idea further.

Speaking of Doors in Color Block Design

Have you ever seen a different color on each door of the hallway? Consider one main color for the hallway. Then pick a color that is vibrant for each door of the home. When you go inside those rooms, this concept continues, but with each room in a different vibrant color. It’s very Las Vegas.

Classic Color Block Design Ideas From a Las Vegas Painter

When you have your painter use two core colors, with one color on the walls, and another on the doors and archways, you create a classic look for your home. While it is the classic look for many homes, it looks more distinct when the two colors are in similar hues. Ask your painter about this idea. You can create depth when the archway extends beyond the normal edge. Using color block design, the finished result is stunning.

Furniture Built-Ins and Block Design Ideas

Ask your Henderson painter about painting one door of your built-ins one color. Then add a different color, that is completely different from another. Color block the whole built-in this way for a dramatic effect. This same idea can change the entire look of a boring room. It brings it to life so easily. When your Las Vegas painter knows what you need, they can offer your home a fresh change with colors. The best part is that creating fun color blocks with paint is a way to take a basic home from boring to one that pops.

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