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Seven Underrated Colors to Paint Your Cabinets

When it’s time to upgrade your cabinets’ look without the expense and disruption of replacing them, consider a fresh coat of paint. The prep work on cabinets will include degreasing them and doing some sanding to rough up the surface, but once you start painting, the project can go pretty quickly.


1. Sage Green


Sage green is a terrific shade that goes with everything from creamy yellow to bright white. You can also use this color in combination with other paints to create a two-toned look in your kitchen.


2. Sky Blue


The push for minimalism and tiny houses may not work for everyone, but you can enjoy a cottage feel with pretty sky blue cabinets, white wall paint, and white trim. You could also add custom ceramic knobs and white handles for more visual interest with a brighter blue.


3. Bright Red


There’s something inherently cheerful about red in the kitchen. When putting this color to work, remember to hire the best painter for the job, as red cabinets often feature gloss paint, and the prep work for a great-looking gloss coating is critical.


4. Cool Gray


For a muted, classic kitchen, nothing beats gray. Even ordinary slab doors look sharp with this color at work in the space. Even better, it’s a beautiful foil for almost any counter and backsplash. Add glass tile for visual appeal or a simple marble for restful elegance.


5. Black


Like red cabinets, black cabinets often need a bit of gloss to avoid looking dull and dirty. Hiring a painting company for the best prep and application may be a good choice if black is your favorite kitchen cabinet color. Remember that cabinets take up a lot of real estate; you may prefer to have gray cabinets above and black on the bottom to avoid a space that’s too dark or heavy-feeling.


6. Cheery Yellow


Yellow is always cheerful and depending on the depth of color and the intensity, you can enjoy a warm, buttery yellow for old-fashioned charm or sharp lemon for a bright, focused kitchen. For those who love the old-fashioned farmhouse feel, yellow kitchen cabinets are a great backdrop.


7. Navy Blue


Like black, navy blue cabinets can add a lot of weight to your space. However, you can pair them with bright white cabinets above, a white marble backsplash, or a white solid surface counter for a classic feel. Navy works well both with cream and with white, so consider adding this color to your base cabinets to start and see where it takes you.

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While cabinets can be quick to paint, not everyone has the skills, tools, and patience to do the project independently. Contact Ram Painting for a conversation about your kitchen dreams. Call today at 702-300-3359 for an appointment.

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