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Signs You Need a New Paint Job

Las Vegas Painter Tips: Signs Your Home Needs New Paint

Has it been a while since you’ve touched up your home’s paint with a Las Vegas painter? Most homeowners don’t think twice about their property’s exterior paint job but it plays a crucial role in the appearance of your home.

The problem is that most homeowners don’t know when it’s time to touch up their paint. As a result, they lose out on an opportunity to ensure their home is presented in the best possible light.

If you’re undecided on whether it’s time to let go of your old paint job and upgrade with a fresh coat, read on for five signs your home needs new paint.

1. Peeling or Cracking Paint

Peeling and cracked paint aren’t appealing on any property. A home with peeling or cracked paint will decrease its curb appeal and its home value.

But what peeling and cracking paint also indicate is that it’s simply time to update your home’s paint. If you notice that your home’s paint is beginning to peel, crack, or flake, this is an early sign that a new paint job is in your future.

Even more, peeling and flaking paint also means that your home won’t have the same level of protection that it once had. Paint helps protect your home’s underlying material. When peeling and flaking begin, this can lead to mold, mildew, or dry rot that can affect the integrity of your property.

With that said, it’s never a good idea to ignore peels and cracks in your paint. While this problem may start off small, your home’s structure can be affected in the long run.

2. Fading Paint

Another clear sign that it’s time to invest in a new paint job is if your paint is beginning to fade. All paint will begin to fade over time due to the sun beaming against it.

If your property is surrounded by trees, it’s possible that the paint may last a while longer. But even with shade, the paint will eventually fade.

On the other hand, if your property does not have any type of shade, expect your paint to fade a lot more quickly. It’s also important to note that darker paint tends to fade faster than light colors.

Faded paint can make your property look older than it actually is. It takes away from the vibrant look of your property and makes it look more unappealing overall. Luckily, a fresh coat of paint will renew your property, elevate its look, and ensure that your curb appeal is intact.

3. Cracks in Your Property’s Caulking

Have you noticed cracks in your home’s trim and siding? Caulk is an important part of your property. Caulk was created to seal a joint between two surfaces, keep them intact, and prevent damage from occurring.

Unfortunately, cracked caulk will occur as time goes on. This is because the caulk loses its elasticity, meaning that it can no longer do its job. With that said, if you notice that your caulk is starting to crack, it also means that it’s time to update your paint.

4. Your Color Choice is Outdated

Even if nothing is physically wrong with your home’s paint, it still may be time to give your property a refresh.

It’s not uncommon to fall out of love with the paint color that you chose years ago. If you feel that your paint color is outdated, this is more than enough reason to start thinking about a paint refresh.

Exterior home paint trends are constantly changing. To maximize curb appeal and maintain home value, it’s a good idea to keep your property up to date by following the latest trends and ensuring that you always have a paint color that you feel confident about. This will keep your home feeling new and ensure that you always enjoy the appearance of your property.

5. You’re Selling Your Home

One last reason to consider updating your paint is if you’re planning on selling your property. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your current paint job, it doesn’t hurt to give your home’s exterior paint a quick refresh.

This will make your property more appealing to prospective buyers and make your property more attractive to sell.

Factors That Impact the Quality of Paint

There are several factors that influence the lifespan of your paint job. For starters, paint quality plays a major role in how often you’ll need a touchup. High-quality paints will last longer compared to cheaper alternatives.

Another factor that influences the lifespan of paint is your home’s location. As stated previously, homes that are surrounded by a lot of sunshine and no shade will need more frequent paint retouches. Whereas, properties that are conveniently located in shaded areas will experience a longer lifespan.

The climate is also another important factor to consider. Exterior paints that are in milder climate conditions tend to last longer. On the other hand, climates that are too wet, too dry, too hot, or too cold do not lend themselves to most exterior paints.

Weather is another influence to keep in mind. Weather conditions like rain, hail, and snow cause the most damage to exterior paint. If you live in an area that experiences those types of weather conditions frequently, you can expect your paint to damage fast. On the other hand, places with milder weather can potentially stretch the lifespan of their exterior paint.

Hire a Las Vegas Painter for Your Exterior Paint

Are you a homeowner in Las Vegas who needs to update their exterior paint? Be sure to hire a Las Vegas painter to get the job done.

Your home is a huge investment and the exterior of your property will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re interested in selling your property or want to just update your home’s appearance, a professional painter is the best option.

While some homeowners take on DIY paint projects, this is not ideal for the exterior of your property.

Most homeowners don’t have the skills or tools to paint their homes professionally. Not forgetting to mention that you’ll likely end up spending more for corrections. A professional painter has the skills, experience, tools, and access to premium paints to elevate your property.

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