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Tips for Preparing Your Home for It’s Interior Paint Job

When you’re ready for a new paint job inside your home, it can be a little confusing to determine what you need to do to start the project. The painters will handle the painting, but do you need to prep the walls? You plan to take down some wall hangings, but will the painters move the furniture?

Wall Hangings and Furniture

Be read to move your own wall hangings, particularly things that are memorable or valuable. If possible, take them to a room that’s not being painted and lean or lay them somewhere safe.

If the whole house is being painted, you can protect wall hangings by creating a fort inside each room. To protect your possessions,

  • move large furniture, such as a sofa, into the middle of the room
  • lean your paintings against the seat of the sofa
  • place delicate objects on the sofa seat
  • move side tables and armchairs in front of the sofa to keep the paintings from tipping
  • cover your fort with plastic sheeting or old flat sheets

Your interior painters Las Vegas crew can probably help you to cover your fort with plastic if you don’t have any. This fort can stay in place until the painting is done. In fact, if the room is carpeted, you might want to live with the disruption a bit longer and get the carpets professionally cleaned while the furniture is away from the wall.

Prepping and Cleaning

Once the wall hangings are down, your walls may be dusty. There will likely be nail holes. Your Las Vegas painter will be able to patch and sand the holes, but it’s a good idea to go ahead and dust down the walls before they arrive. You can also sweep along the baseboards before the crew arrives.

If only a portion of your house is being painted, try to avoid being in the space while the crew is working. The work of masking and patching can be disruptive and may look a bit messier than you expected. Your painting crew will clean up at the end of each day, but they may leave more tools or supplies than you expect. This tool and supply placement is about efficiency. Take care to stay out of the workspace for the duration of the project, and do your best to keep your family out of the area, particularly children.


We’re happy to answer any questions you have about what you need to do before your painting projects. Feel free to contact Ram Painting, LLC, for a quote and further information.

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