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Ways to Improve the Look of Your Garage

painting company

Depending on the style of your home, your garage door is the visible front door of your whole space. Finding ways to connect the front door of your house to your garage door will keep your home looking more coordinated. Trim color, door color and hardware are key. See these tips from our painting company. 


If your garage door is in good shape, a painting company can help you to determine the best quality trim paint and finish. Depending on where you live, you may need paint with extreme UV protection, high moisture tolerance, or excellent cold tolerance. Local house painters can give you guidance on where you should focus.

Current trends in garage door and trim colors include deep shades, including black and dark brown. Depending on the amount of sunlight your garage door captures, local painting contractors can help you determine the wisdom of a deeply saturated, dark color on your home.

painting company
painting company


To tie together the look of your home, consider using matching outdoor lighting features that match. For example, you could invest in solar motion security lights to put above your garage door and near your front door. Mount these as simply as possible, such as on a soffit so your solar panel can fully charge early in the day.

If your home’s exterior doesn’t offer enough space to mount both light and solar panel, consider using a medallion as a mounting plate so you can configure both the light and the panel to match. The medallion will also give you another chance to create uniform color connection from front door to garage door.

Hardware and Trim

Try to keep your hardware and trim uniform and simple. For example, your porch posts, door trim, window trim and garage wrap trim can all be the same color. To draw attention to the door of your living space, the door trim might be wider or include medallions at the corner or tall trim above the door.

If you have an HOA that sets guidelines on your color choices, make sure you stay within guidelines to avoid having to re-do your project. Should your home be in an area that doesn’t require you to conform, searching for a painter near me could help you get the help you need to find the best paint product and prep your door and trim as effectively as possible.

painting company
painting company

Storage Features

There are many people currently using their garage as a shed or a workshop. However, if you’re planning to sell your home any time soon, try to set your garage up as a primary car storage. Studios, workshops and sheds are highly personalized. Unless you’re selling your tools as well as your home, your studio setup won’t add much to the value of your home.

However, adding quality storage to your garage to make sure that everything in the storage area is tidy and well-contained will add a lot to the value of your home. Opaque bins allow potential buyers to visualize their own items safely stored on quality shelving along the walls of your car storage area.

If your garage has a window, make sure you fully cover the window to protect your privacy and maintain a tidy, clean look both inside and out.


In addition to setting up your garage as a car storage space, it’s interesting to note that there are many benefits to putting a living or studio space above your garage. Whether your home is one or two stories, adding a second story to a free-standing garage is another way to create spaces for coordination.

Consider adding features such as

  • window boxes
  • trim paint
  • window trim, such as nine-light panes

The need for a home office space has grown tremendously since the beginning of the pandemic. Whether you’re moving or staying in place, a garage addition is an excellent way to create a work space that allows you to both work and live in one space.

Learn how to build own backyard shed here!

painting company
painting company

Replace the Door

If your garage door is

  • rusting metal
  • heavy wood
  • split or dried out wood

it likely needs to be replaced. While a skilled DIYer can probably manage replacing a garage door, it’s not a project for beginners. In addition to the challenges of attaching and aligning the garage door opener, one of the best parts of hiring out your garage door replacement is the haul-off service. Even broken down, an old wooden garage door is hazardous and heavy.

If you’re not sure you can manage the garage door replacement, including getting rid of the old door, hiring it out can save you a great deal of hassle and stress.

A tidy and well-trimmed garage door will blend into the front of your house. Properly painted so it matches your front door and entryway, a quality garage door install and paint job will blend in well. Quality storage inside the garage and plenty of space for your car will add value to your home for the long term.

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