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What Are Pantone Color Palettes?

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When you contact a residential painter in the Las Vegas area about updating your home’s interior or exterior, they might ask you during your initial consultation if you have a color chosen. If you reply something broad like “blue” or even “sky blue,” a painting company in Las Vegas trusts will clarify, asking if you know the Pantone color for it.

What Is a Pantone Color?

The organization known as the Pantone Color Institute or just Pantone for short offers expertise in color, working with the print industry to develop color palettes that define each hue or shade of color using a hexadecimal system to create precise replication of each color. This ensures that a company’s logo prints using the correct color in a magazine or that a newspaper can maintain a cohesive color palette across years of publishing. These scientifically developed color palettes also ensure that the Henderson painter you hire mixes the paint to the exact color swatch you chose for your home.

What Is the Pantone Color Palette?

The Pantone Color Institute provides these precise color definitions for every color that exists. They publish these Pantone color palettes in massive books and on their website. Most home designers and Las Vegas painters use the print books. Although that might sound a bit old-fashioned, the books provide a true color representation, but colors can vary slightly on the computer, depending on the laptop’s screen or the desktop’s monitor.

When you repaint your home, you’re not looking for brand development or a color trend. You want to choose a wall color, trim color and ceiling color. You’re looking for a color palette of shades that work well together. Pantone publishes palettes of coordinating and complementary colors in its guidebook, chipset, and other publications. Read about the benefits of using primers here.

The Pantone Matching System

Developed in 1963, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) organizes all colors into numbered swatches. Any manufacturer can look up the color number you want for your living room paint color, for instance, and mix the precise color of the other cans of paint that your house painter already used. This means if your child colors on the wall and you cannot remove the marker or crayon, you can purchase a pint or gallon of paint using the PMS number to exactly match your wall color.

This provides a useful means of communication via designers, painters, homeowners, and others involved in remaking a home. That’s because instead of talking in general terms of blue or green, the designer, homeowner, and paint crew all use the same terms based on the number assigned to the color. This ensures each individual refers to the exact same color so that no confusion occurs, and each person uses the same colors in the palette. Any paint store can mix an exact can of paint and that ensures a cohesive décor.

Using Pantone to Create a Home Décor Palette

By combining Pantone’s color palette with a color wheel, designers or home painters can help a client choose complementary colors that blend well together. These don’t have to reside in the same color family, as the range of each color gets called. Although an individual might choose a bright blue, such as Marina Pantone 17-4041 for the wall color, their desire for a much lighter color for the trim and an even lighter color for the room’s ceiling could lead them to choose two colors from a different color family. The ceiling color might come from the range of whites, such as Cultured Pantone, while the wall trim might come from the gray family, such as Pantone 5507 C.

By using a color wheel app, the designer can test compatibility without needing to try each color on the wall itself. This can help eliminate potential mixtures that would not complement each other. These programs ensure that the three colors won’t clash and contain enough of the same base colors that they look good together. The term color wheel comes from the rise of color printing when newspapers commonly printed the news rather than posting it online. Editors used a physical color wheel with hundreds of colors on it to color-match shades and hues when designing graphics.

In addition to making it far easier to choose paint, this method also makes it simpler to shop for housewares, such as furniture, throw pillows, and objects d’art that complete the décor.

Pantone Offers a Universal Color System

The Pantone system parallels all other color systems, so if an individual finds a color that appeals to them while designing a website or editing a photo, an interior designer or house painter can use a color wheel app to convert the hex code used in web design or the RGB colors used in digital graphic arts to Pantone. For example, the olive green shade Pantone 77 63 C and the hex color #585C3B describe the same color.

That lets the homeowner find colors they like before their meeting and adequately describe them, eliminating any guesswork. The homeowner can explore colors they like to build multiple palette options on their own, and simply provide the hex numbers or the RGB colors for them. The designer uses a conversion app to translate the other color system to Pantone.

When you meet with an interior designer or house painting crew leader about the color scheme that you want for your home, they should offer the Pantone palette book as an option for choosing your color scheme. The Pantone color palette ensures one color complements another.

Why a Painting Company in Las Vegas Trusts Uses Pantone

Your Las Vegas painter should use Pantone color palettes to ensure that they mix the precise paint color you desire for your home. When house painters Las Vegas can rely on use the Pantone hexadecimal system, they provide customers with a precise paint mixture that exactly matches what the client requested. If your painter or designer doesn’t offer the book in the first few minutes of your consultation, ask them to see their book. Offer the colors you chose so they can use an app to convert the colors to Pantone. Once you choose the final Pantone palette, you’ll have a home color scheme that lets you visit any paint store and purchase an exact paint match.

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