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What is Paint Primer?

Are you thinking of tackling a painting project, and you’re not sure what primer is or why you’d need it? Maybe you’re confused because everyone seems to give you a different answer when you ask. If your curious as to whether or not you’ll need a primer for your project, read on.

What is Paint Primer?

Primer is an undercoat you put on the walls before you add your color paint over it. It helps to seal the wall’s surface, so your color doesn’t soak in and create an uneven look. Additionally, primer helps to mask any surface stains that may show through paint that has a lighter color. If you have a glossy surface on your wall, a primer will help your paint stick to it instead of smearing around.

When to Use a Paint Primer

Now that you know what paint primer is, when do you use it? There are several instances where you’d apply at least one coat of primer. We picked out the biggest ones below.

  • Painting Over a Dark Color – If you plan to paint over a dark color, use a primer. The primer will stop the darker color from bleeding through your new color and showing.
  • Glossy Surfaces – If your wall current has a gloss or semi-gloss paint on it, primer it first. The primer will help your new coat of paint go on evenly and stick.
  • Stains – Mildew, mold, or grease stains can be very difficult to cover with just paint. It can soak through, create splotches, and streak. Paint primer seals these stains to the wall and away from your paint.
  • Wallpaper – Removing wallpaper can be a hassle, but you can paint right over it. You have to use a primer first to cover the wallpaper pattern.
  • Plastic or Metal – Plastic or metal surfaces are very shiny, and metal can rust. Paint won’t stick to it well, and you’ll end up with brush marks, smears, and scrapes without paint primer.

When to Skip a Paint Primer

There are times you can skip using primer altogether. We do recommend you always use it, though.

  • New Paint Matches – If your new paint matches or comes very close to the current one, you can skip the primer. You won’t have to worry about it bleeding through as much.
  • Paint has Primer – Lot of paint comes with a primer mixed into the formula. As long as you have this mix, you don’t need to apply another coat of primer by itself.

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