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Winter 2021 Guide to Home Improvement Projects 

Winters in Las Vegas are a lovely time to open the windows, let in some fresh air, and paint. It will also be cool enough to do some outdoor upgrades and check on moisture and air leak risks.


Look for Air Leaks


Now is the time to check out the seals on your doors and windows. Ensure that caulking is in good shape before adding a sun and heat-resistant primer and paint layer. Because desert dust is a concern in your area, make sure to check pipes, vents, and screens as well.


Update Trim Paint


If the trim on your home is wood, now is the time to look for cracks, scrape any loose paint, sand, prime, and paint. If you’re ready for a new color, but the paint on the exterior walls is in good shape, consider a new trim color while you’re checking on the trim condition. Chilly temperatures are a great time to contact your painting contractor Las Vegas for a quote on your update.


Paint Interior Walls house painters


Now is the time to open up the windows and get your interior walls updated. If you’re looking for a refresh without the hassle of a move, your house painting Las Vegas project can include a complete patch job, wallpaper removal, and fresh trim. Once the painting is done, consider bringing in a cleaning crew to refresh your space entirely. It’s all the pleasure of a new house with none of the hassle of moving! (If your paint is chipping you need to read this article to learn why.)


Update Insulation


If you notice that any portion of your home is consistently hot in the summer or always chilly in the winter, now is the time to get into the drafts and gaps with whatever insulation is necessary. Make sure to talk with a professional about it so that your project doesn’t risk moisture build-up or other forms of damage.


This can mean adding a moisture barrier to a crawl space or updating your ventilation openings before installing extra insulation.


Improve Air Movement


Homes in the desert always benefit from moving air, so consider adding the fans needed in the summer over the winter months. To get these fans installed, you may need new wiring, or additional supports added. Hiring a contractor to get up into your ceiling will be much easier during the cooler months.


This is also the time to consider adding attic ventilation fans to move air through your attic during the hottest time of the year. 


Contact the professionals at Ram Painting by calling 702-300-3359 for a quote on your winter upgrade, so your summer is more comfortable. These upgrades will not only protect your home during the heat, but the refresh of your interior will reduce the winter blahs.

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