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10 Exterior Paint Colors to Help You Sell Your House

When it’s time to sell your Las Vegas house, sprucing up the exterior is the first step to getting potential buyers in the door. With the right exterior paint color, you can make a statement about the care your home has received.

10 Exterior Paint Colors


1. White


White would look great for a small home or a home with clapboard siding. Consider adding shutters in a contrasting color to give your home personality, and make sure your front door has some pop!


2. Wheat


This lovely combination of yellow and white will look beautiful against the full blue of a desert summer day and the varied desert landscape tones.


3. Yellowpainter near me


Nothing says cheerful like a yellow house. A front door of cadet blue or forest green would suit a yellow house, as would shutters in a similar color. Desert shrubs of any shade of green would look great against a yellow house as well.


4. Aqua


Shades of aqua, from pale to intense, will look amazing against the desert sky. Consider using bolder aqua tones as a highlight or an accent, especially when paired with sienna and other sandstone colors.


5. Grey


A pale misty grey is a perfect color for the whole house; a deep grey would be an ideal trim color. For your desert home, take care to choose a blue-grey for a clean, cool look, and consider using navy blue as a trim tone to bring out the base.


6. Sage


Sage green is another color that can serve as a primary color in light tones and as a wonderful accent color in small doses. Deep tones should be avoided in large swaths because it will make the solar power of Las Vegas work against you. However, pale sage with a rust or burgundy accent would be an excellent choice.


7. Tanpainter near me


Desert tan doesn’t have to cause your house to blend into the background with the right trim. Tan is a terrific base tone, and you can find it in both cool and warm tones. Consider a trim of cobalt blue or deep forest green on your tan house.


8. Ivory


Bright white won’t serve every space, but ivory can make your home stand out and serve as an excellent backdrop for desert plantings of every tone. Consider the addition of brick red trim colors, or use an intense aqua to draw the eye.


9. Sienna


Sienna is a lovely desert standard that will stand the test of time, particularly on your stucco home. Brighten up this tone with greens, corals, and blues on shutters, doors, and window trim.


10. Brown


Brown is an underrated color that runs the gamut from coffee with cream to espresso. Again, you’ll want to go lighter on the large expanses and deeper on the trim, but your brown house can sparkle with contrasting trim of ivory, burgundy, or deep blue.


When you’re ready to discuss your changes with a residential painter, contact Ram Painting for expert guidance. These house painters Las Vegas know how to manage a paint job no matter the climate and can help you make the best color choice. Avoid these common painting mistakes by reading this guide.

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