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10 Ways Winter Wreaks Havoc on Homes 


house paintersThe winters in Las Vegas aren’t known for tons of snow, but cold conditions can lead to many problems in your home. If you’re considering a paint job before summer heats up, make sure your painter has the knowledge to check out your house so repairs, if needed, can be done. These are our top ten recommendations to take a look at during the winter months. 


10 Common Winter Damages


1.Foundation Damage


Water expands when it freezes. This nifty fact is useful when noticing that ice cubes float, but it wreaks havoc on your foundation. Sprinklers and rain can leave your foundation soggy, and freezing temps cause cracks.commercial painter


2. Gutter Damage


A gutter full of water is a lot of weight to be hanging off your house in the heat and a hazard when it gets below freezing. If your home isn’t draining effectively when the rains come, your gutters could be at risk. Most gutter replacement projects range between $1,500-$2,500. Property maintenance increases your chances of not having to have costly unexpected repairs. 


3. Wood Rot


The summer sun is hard on exposed wood.  Wood rot is caused by excess moisture. To prevent rot one of the easiest things you can do is paint the wooden area. A coat of paint offers your home an extra layer of protection from elements. Take care to get the wood on your home fully sealed by a professional painter any time you notice flaking or cracking paint.


Las Vegas home improvement4. Roof Problems


Hot sun, heavy rains, and high winds can all be hard on shingles, flashing, and sealants. Tiled roofs can be damaged by cold, freezing rain, and the occasional snowfall. After significant weather events, get things checked out.


5. Moisture Damage


You can find cheap painters that will do the job right at Ram Painting! If you see discoloration on your ceiling, make sure you get your roof checked out. Ice dams, though rare, can do a number on your roof and the ceilings below. 


6. Mold painter near me


If moisture is building up inside, there’s always the risk of mold. Your home may need professional treatment before painting; Ram Painting can help you find the right help for the job.


7. Cracked and Peeling Paint


painting contractorsPaint can crack and peel away from any surface. Prepping and repairing the underlying surface is key to getting a good cling to the new topcoat. Ram Painting knows prep and can help you get a paint job that lasts. See our blog Top 10 Reasons Walls Experience Paint Chipping for more information. 


8. Pests


Everybody hates the cold, including rodents and bugs. If you’ve got lumber rot or cracked trim, these pests may see it as a welcome mat.


9. Chimney Damagebest painter in Las Vegas


Your chimney wrap takes abuse from inside and out. If you see cracks or peeling paint on the surface, contact your Henderson painter team for a quote on the repair and repainting the surface before things get out of hand.


10. Tree and Shrub Damage


One tree branch can do a lot of damage, particularly if it’s weighted down by snow or ice. Carefully trim shrubs and tree branches away from your home and always take out dead plantings before the pests move in.

If you’re concerned about winter damage to your home or if your house needs a facelift, contact Ram Painting at 702-300-3359 for a consultation, a quote, and a timeline. We would be happy to protect your home, inside and out! Learn why you should refresh your business’ paint here.

painter near me


Updated: 1/12/21

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