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5 Tips for Selecting the Best Paint for Your Ceiling

To get the best quality coat of paint on your ceiling can be a messy, challenging job. Not only will you be working over your head for an extended period, but you may wind up painting everything else at the same time. Try to keep things simple.


Ceiling Painting Tips


  1. Use a Light Color for Both Walls and Ceilings

One of the challenges of painting the ceiling is getting a clean line where the ceiling meets the wall. You can get rid of this worry by painting them both the same color. Try not to go too dark. If your existing ceiling is popcorn coated, check for loose spots before you start painting. For those who hate popcorn, hire a commercial painting company to remove it and skim coat the surface before you paint.


  1. Tint the Ceiling Color to Match the Walls

If your ceilings are smooth and you don’t need to paint the walls, add just a cup of wall color to a gallon of your ceiling white. This will bring the two colors into the same family and coordinate the look.


  1. Tie Trim and Ceiling Together

If your trim is white, the ceiling should either be a flat white or something dramatic. Off white on the ceiling of a room with bright white trim and doors will look dirty. Make sure you keep colors in the same spectrum of warmth. Cream is warm; grey is cool. Bright white is cool, but beige is warm. Bright white trim, in a room with a lot of natural light, can be quite dramatic with a dark blue or grey ceiling.


  1. Draw the Eye Up painting contractors

If your storage or display choices always draw the eye up, consider using a bold color on the ceiling. For example, if the walls of a study or office are lined with books stored in the shelving of rich wood tones, paint the ceiling a deep green to make the red tones in the wood sparkle. Of course, a formal library or home office is a more sedate setting. For rooms that see a lot of activity, a lighter ceiling will be a better choice.


  1. Go With a Matte Finish

Glossy ceilings turn the light in a room brittle. A single bulb against a glossy ceiling can make a space feel like a surgical theater. Additionally, matte paint is a bit more forgiving. Gloss paint will show every spot where you stopped, perhaps rolled too hard, or just missed.

A well-painted ceiling can be striking or completely unobtrusive. However, this is not an easy project. If you have any health concerns or spinal challenges, you would be better off getting a quote from Ram Painting. This crew of painting contractors knows how to protect your existing walls and belongings from drips, and you will be thrilled with the result. Debating between using wallpaper and paint? Read the pros and cons here.


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