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Wallpaper vs. Paint: Which Should You Use in Your New Home

When you have a new home, you have an endless array of decorating options. If you’re sticking to a budget, the decision about paint vs. wallpaper may get simpler, but if you want to wallpaper, you can still do accent walls, borders, or a wallpaper wainscot feature.

Pros and Cons – Paint VS Wallpaper

Proper Preparation

In a new home, your walls will probably be paint-ready and will likely be primed for your wallcovering choice. If you choose to wallpaper a space, make sure you coat the sheetrock with sizing.

Sizing adds a sheen to your walls that makes it easier to align your wallpaper and remove it in the future. While sizing used to be a requirement, it’s now just a good option for the best results.

Both painting and wallpapering will require that the walls be smooth.


Choose Your Product

If you’ve never installed wallpaper before, work to find a product that only has a pattern in one direction. For example, a floral pattern will have a repeat that you need to match from one roll to the next, but a more prominent pattern will make it easier. A tightly checkered wallpaper can be extremely fiddly to line up.

To paint effectively, make sure you have the right applicators. Invest in good brushes and take care of them. Buy rollers with a reasonably heavy nap if your walls are textured so you get full coverage.


Check Your Redecorating Habits

If you love to redecorate and plan to do it often, be careful in your wallpaper choice. Good quality wallpaper isn’t cheap, and the removal can be messy. If, however, you tend to pick a style and stick with it, investing in a wallpaper you love and getting it properly installed can give you joy every time you enter the room.

Avoid cheap products. Cheap paint will take multiple coats and fade over time. Cheap wallpaper can stretch when wet and make the application a nightmare, especially if the pattern match is very detailed. If you want wallpaper, choose one room and splurge. Paint the rest of the house and wallpaper when you can


Watch Out for Moisture

Don’t wallpaper bathrooms or kitchens. A small bathroom may seem like an excellent choice to learn to wallpaper in, but high humidity will make it impossible for the paper to stick. Even if you don’t have a shower in the space, evaporation from the toilet and sink will result in higher humidity.

An excellent painting contractor Las Vegas can help you choose the paint you need for your kitchen and bath. Choose a color you love and be lavish with it in these spaces. Make sure it has some sheen so it’s easy to wash.

No matter which top cover or coating you choose, your walls will need to be smooth and primed. Contact Ram Painting at 702-300-3359 for help on painting and wallpaper prep. These meticulous house painters in Las Vegas will help you love your home. Read about the signs that tell it’s time you need to paint the office!


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