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A Painting Company in Las Vegas Details Which Paint Sheens to Use in Your Home

Whether you’re looking to remodel an old space or are preparing your home for the real estate market, picking the right paint sheen for your interior walls is vital. While you can ideally have the same paint color for every room, remember that every room is unique with different moods, lighting, and purposes. Therefore, a painting company in Las Vegas recommends that you select and customize different paint glosses and sheens to any room surface: ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, cabinet, and basement, among others.

Keep These Factors in Mind When Choosing a Finish

Consider the following when picking the right sheen for interior spaces.

• Amount of artificial and ambient light. Glossier sheens work well in smaller, dimly lit rooms.
• Wall surface conditions. Matte or flat finishes are suitable for covering imperfections.
• Color of furniture and flooring.
• Paint color. Darker paints contain extra pigments that make them shinier.
• Purpose of the room. Consider the room’s maintenance requirements and wear and tear.

Glossier and Satin Sheens for Bathrooms

Bathroom interior walls should be easy to wipe down because of all the steam and water. Choose glossier or satin sheens, especially the ones labeled as bathroom paint, since their enamel composition stops moisture penetration. It’s advisable to use glossier sheens for bathroom sections that require the most moisture protection.

Mild Sheens for the Living Room

Interior paint for living rooms can feature a mild sheen. Eggshell and flat sheens are suitable for the living room unless you have kids and will need to wipe down the interior walls often. You may pick a satin sheen if you live with kids and pets.

Get the walls ready and smooth well enough since mild sheens highlight surface imperfections. Remove peeling or cracked paint with a metal scraper or knife before painting. You may apply a glossier sheen to the windows than the walls.

Semigloss for Doors, Windows, and Trims

A semigloss sheen gives walls a sleek look that stands out in the light. It is highly resistant to wear and tear. The finish is stain-resistant so that surfaces are easy to clean. Oil-based paints take longer to dry and give off a strong odor but deliver a robust and highly smooth surface finish. Expert residential painters recommend eliminating debris and ensuring surfaces are clean before applying the sheen.

Smooth Gloss for Basement Walls

Most basement masonry walls are prone to be water-soaked. You can seal wall cracks using elastomeric basement masonry paint. The flexible primer and finish spread well across large sections and work on contoured surfaces.

Flat and Matte Sheens for Drywall Surfaces

Drywalls feature a porous external paper sealing that rapidly soaks up moisture. While you may paint directly into bare drywall, using a primer is advisable for a more balanced finish. Only matte and flat sheens are available for drywall primers. Ensure the primer has “drywall” or “wallboard” on the label and is pure acrylic latex. Enlist the aid of a Vegas painter if you are unsure what product to choose.

Flat and Matte Sheens for Ceilings

Ceilings are typically painted white so that the reflection of ambient light makes the room look more spacious. Flat paint sheens can cover most tiny imperfections on ceilings. They also help eliminate the space-limiting effect of glossier sheens.

Gloss Sheens for Bathtubs and Showers

Paint coatings for shower and bathing surfaces are not so common or may be available only as a DIY painting kit. They feature two-part acrylic resin made for tiles, sinks, tubs, and surrounding fixtures.

Best Sheen for Kitchens

Most homeowners opt for interior kitchen surface sheens that are easier to clean and maintain. Semigloss sheens are even more popular, while others prefer eggshell and satin paints.

Best Sheen for Bedrooms

The bedroom typically sees fewer guests than other rooms and can work fine with any sheen you choose. Most Henderson painters and homeowners still prefer eggshell or satin sheen paints, though.

Washable Flat Sheen for General Living Spaces

Washable flats are durable, hide imperfections, and offer good color saturation, besides other flat paint attributes. They are also burnish-resistant and facilitate simple touchups.

Velvety Sheens for Trims and High-Humidity Rooms

Satin and pearl finishes are long-lasting, deliver a moderate sheen and offer reliable stain resistance. The velvety sheens accentuate, impart, and trim so that the colors are enhanced and reflective. Because of its durability, greater stain and mildew resistance than lower sheens, and ease of cleaning, satin and pearl finishes are increasingly popular with homeowners.

Fixing Poor Paint Sheen Uniformity

Your interior walls may be less visually appealing without a proper paint job. You may notice joint flashing by looking at the light reflection on the walls or from certain angles. Visible shiny and dull spots may make your paint job appear to have different sheens, even with paint from the same can. Whether you are hiring a painting company in Las Vegas or doing it yourself, ensure you have enough paint to cover every section.

Common causes of poor sheen uniformity are:

• Paint overspreading
• Thinning the paint too much
• Over-penetration into highly porous surfaces

Use the proper roller brush with a smooth, uniform rolling motion over the wall surface you are painting. For unpainted drywalls and other highly porous surfaces, you may use a premium-quality primer to seal the surface before the application process. If you paint many rooms, you may find professional Las Vegas painters to keep your buildings free from recurring blemishes.

Professional House Painting Tips from a Painting Company in Las Vegas

An average-sized room takes painters about two to four days to ready, prime, and finish painting. A good paint job is visually appealing and saves time for other activities.

• Empty the room. Take out hardware, fixtures, and furniture, or cover them at the center of large rooms. Invest in drop cloths to absorb drips from the floor.

• Locate and fix dents and cracks. Use plaster to seal deeper dents and painter’s putty to fix the minor ones. Sand all previously painted walls, regardless of shape, for smoother surfaces and better adherence.

• Choose a high-quality primer. Primers aren’t only thinned-down paint. They are designed to provide a robust and uniform base, hide stains, and guarantee that the topcoats of paint apply easily and adhere firmly. Homeowners typically use latex primers, while professionals prefer alcohol and alkyd primers because they can cover practically any surface.

• Use painting buckets. Buckets can hold more paint and are easy to use with roller grids. To work the paint into the nap using a bucket and grid, dip the roller in the paint only halfway before rolling it over the ramp.

• Paint doors properly. Most Vegas painters have little trouble painting doors while in place; however, they advise working horizontally while laying the door on sawhorses. If your door is paneled, start with the panels and work towards the center from the edges.

• Assess your work. Before applying the subsequent layer, you should back-prepare or sand off any lumps. Check the surface with light for drips, roller specks, and other flaws.

• Anticipate fixes. Keep an inexpensive sponge brush on hand to help you match up a repair with the surrounding woodwork or wall. Simply dab the paint on to create the appearance of a roller.

Tailoring different types of paint and sheens to your rooms and surfaces is essential for sprucing up indoor spaces and repairing any possible defects. If you are starting your home painting project and are unsure what sheens to choose, you can book a consultation or a house visit with professional house painters in Las Vegas.

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