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8 Colors Recommended by Las Vegas Painters That Will Never Look Dated

Manufacturers make exterior house paint to last about 10 years. Yet, if you choose a trendy color to have a Las Vegas painter put on your home, it may look dated in two to three years. Nationally, the average cost to paint a house is over $3,000, so choosing a color that will not look dated will save you lots of money. You will also enjoy living in the home more when it looks up to date.

Colors to Consider Before Hiring a Las Vegas Painter

You want your home to blend into its natural surroundings, so consider what colors you see in nature and let these colors be your guide when choosing house colors. If you want your home to appear bigger, opt for lighter colors, but if you want it to look smaller, pick darker colors.


White is the most classical house color, and it remains a great choice to let a Las Vegas house painter paint your home. Using white is like creating a clean slate so that you can recreate the look of your home. Since white naturally goes with any other color, you can even update the house’s complementary colors every few years to change the appearance of your home. Since white reflects sunlight, you may also find that your home is easier to keep cool. If you do not like the look of stark white, think about using off-whites.


Gray is the perfect neutral. If you want to give your home a classical look, opt for a dark gray, but light gray is an ideal choice if you want a more modern look. Since it is a neutral, you can opt to use many secondary colors. When choosing your exact shade of gray, consider the color’s undertones. For example, flagstone has a beautiful black undertone that is perfect for a classical look. In contrast, wheat sheaf has yellowish-green undertones, which is ideal for blending in with the natural environment. Gray flannel is a terrific option if you want to use white as your trim color as it really makes it pop.


You can create so many vibes when you choose to have house painters paint your house blue. Opting for a bright blue house makes a playful attitude, especially when you trim it in white. Meanwhile, choosing a dark blue, especially one with black or very dark undertones, gives a home a dignified appearance. In this case, consider trimming the house in a dark red to make the blue really pop. Light blues are ideal if you have a small home, like a bungalow, because it will make it appear bigger.


When you choose to have house painters in Las Vegas paint your home cream, you never have to worry about it appearing dated. The cream color is a warm color, making your house seem inviting to everyone who visits. This is because of its warm undertones. When most people look at cream, they get a very serene feeling, which is an ideal vibe for your home. The cream color is in the white family and looks more refined than white. I also will not show dirt as much as stark white. Cream’s soft appearance lessens the contrast with your trim’s colors, giving your home a more unified appearance.


If you plan to sell your home shortly, consider having a commercial painter paint it beige. It is easy for everyone to picture their own décor with a beige house. Alternatively, if you plan to keep your home, beige is also an ideal choice because you can easily change up the look of the outside of your home. Your holiday décor will look perfect throughout the year. Therefore, you will never get tired of the look of your home, and neither will your neighbors. It is also easy to give your home an Old European flair when you choose beige paint.


Brown evokes feelings of coziness in many people. You can easily change the vibe of your home by choosing to have Las Vegas painters paint your home a different shade of brown. Dark browns have a masculine vibe to them, so your house will look stable and secure. Alternatively, create a cozy vibe by choosing mid-tone browns. Since brown is an earthy color, looking at your brown home can help you relax. It is especially ideal for people living in areas with many trees, as it will help your home bend into its natural surroundings.


Taupe is a beautiful mixture of brown and gray with warm undertones. Therefore, you will discover that when you have a Las Vegas painter paint your home taupe, many items on the outside of your home look incredibly wonderful. It is an excellent backdrop for gold and silver accent pieces. For example, if you have a front porch, a gold railing will really stand out awesomely against a taupe house. Likewise, taupe helps wood look warmer, so it is an ideal option for those living in homes where you have natural wood areas, such as a deck. Taupe’s complementary color is blue, so you can easily have a painting company in Las Vegas paint your home taupe and use blue as the accent color.


Putty falls between white and gray, and it is an ideal choice to have a residential painter paint your home if a neutral palette excites you. This color gives off an air of sophistication that you will love and is sure to impress the neighbors. Putty lends itself well to various architectural styles, from Victorian to modern. Therefore, you never need to about a critic saying that you chose the wrong color. As a neutral, you can use almost any color as your trim color. This option also allows you just to paint the trim of your home a different color to change its complete look.

Do not delay in choosing your paint color. Experts say that painting the exterior of your home is a great way to increase its value, so select a Las Vegas painter with lots of experience and get started on this project very soon. You are sure to love the look of your home when it is freshly painted.

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