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A Painting Company in Las Vegas Offers 9 Colors to Make Exterior Trims Pop

A home’s exterior is one of the first things people see. It makes a lot of sense, then, that you’d want to make sure it looks good, so you want to make sure your home’s exterior trims are painted in the right colors. Exterior trims are the trim around the doors, windows, and vents of a home. It can be made of wood or metal and is often painted to blend in with the home’s exterior. If you want to make your exterior trim pop, there are some colors that will work. Getting a professional painting company in Las Vegas ensures a job well done and will help you choose the right color. Here are nine colors that will make your exterior trims pop.

1. Yellow Is Recommended by Our Painting Company in Las Vegas

Yellow will make your exterior trims pop, especially when used for trim on the bottom of the door. It has a bright tone that stands out against any home’s other colors. This is a very traditional color for exterior trim, and it’s often seen on windows and door frames. There are different shades of yellow, including mustard, cyber, Tuscany and amber. Choosing the right shade of yellow for your trim is important because it will help to match the color of your house. A professional painter in Las Vegas will know how to choose the right shade of yellow based on the color of your home’s exterior. For a traditional look, you’ll want to choose a bright yellow, such as the color gold.

2. Red Is the Right Color for Your Exterior Trim

Red will make your exterior trims pop. It’s a color that stands out and commands attention. There are many shades of red, including crimson, burgundy, strawberry, and oxblood. If you’re looking for a bolder red to make your trims pop, then you’ll want to look for the brighter shades. Crimson and strawberry are two of the brightest shades of red that work well on trim. Using red on trim can also give your home an industrial look and feel, which is modern and fashionable. Brick red is also a good choice. This shade of red is a much darker tone than the brighter shades. While it’s still bold, this color may not be as eye-catching as the brighter colors. The Vegas painters will help you choose the right shade of red based on the color of your house’s trim and the color of your bricks.

3. Orange Is a Great Exterior Trim Color

An orange color will make your exterior trims pop. When looking for the right orange, you should make sure not to choose a shade that’s too bright or too dull. Bright oranges are often associated with tackiness, so you should avoid the brighter tones. A more muted orange that is closer to the color of rust is a good choice for exterior trim. You’ll often find this color used on garage doors and garage door openers. Mahogany color is another good option for exterior trim. This color is more red than orange and looks even better paired with a complementary color, such as blue. The Vegas painters will help you choose the right color for your exterior trim based on your preferences.

4. Blue Will Make Your Trims Really Stand Out

Blue will make your exterior trims pop, especially navy blue and teal blue. Blue is a color that can make a home seem more welcoming and brighter. The color of the sky is a great option for exterior trim. Other shades of blue, including aquamarine, turquoise, and cobalt, are also good choices. Navy blue can make a darker home seem brighter and more inviting, which is important for homes that are already dark. Teal blue is another good choice if you want to create a bolder impression on your home’s exterior. Aquamarine will also make your exterior trims pop. It’s a form of turquoise, so it makes an attractive addition to trim. It may not be as bold as navy blue, but in a smaller space, it can still be very noticeable. The Henderson painter will help you choose the right blue for your exterior trim based on the color of your house and other elements of your home’s exterior.

5. Green Is a Great Color for House Painting in Las Vegas

Green will make your exterior trims pop, especially sage green, emerald, and hunter green. Sage green is the most popular shade of green for exterior trim. It can be very attractive when paired with other colors. It has many shades, including hunter, moss, and leaf. If you want to go bolder, then an emerald is a good choice. This shade of green is bolder than sage, but it’s still easy to incorporate into your home’s design. Hunter green is another good choice. It’s bolder than sage and emerald, but it still makes a great color for trim. If you’re going to choose green for your exterior trim, then you should pair it with complementary colors, such as beige or golden yellow.

6. Brown Will Make a Bold Statement

Brown is another great color for exterior trim. Unlike many other colors, brown can make your home look larger. This is because the color is neutral and earthy, so it can match any style or design. While you can use brown on trim, it’s often seen on wood, doors, and other furniture. It’s a good choice for exterior trim because it provides a warm and inviting feel. You’ll find this color is often used in country homes or in older homes. When paired with other colors, such as beige and golden yellow, brown is a perfect choice for exterior trim.

7. White Combination Offers an Excellent Contrast

White is the most popular color for exterior trim, but it can make your home look a bit boring and generic. However, a combination of white trim with other colors can give your home a unique look that’s very eye-catching. For example, white trim on a home painted turquoise blue would look really unique. Another great option is to choose light taupe or terracotta for your exterior trim. These colors work well with white but will still make your exterior trims pop. The various shades of white that can be used, including ivory, cream, and eggshell, will work very well with the other colors. Ivory and eggshell give trims a softer look that works well with the warmer shades of blue and yellow. The cream color can work well with bright yellow.

8. Purple Is a Great Color for Trim

Purple is a great color for exterior trim, especially on the windows and doors of a home. This is a bold color that’s very noticeable from the outside. It can be used on trim and siding but is most often seen on the doors, windows, and claddings of a home. On homes that have purple trim, it can look very stylish. Lavender is a light shade of purple that’s a good option for exterior trim. Fuchsia is another great shade of purple if you’re going bolder. Purple is great if your home is going for a royal look. Another great color combination for exterior trim is purple trim with blue. It’s a bolder, more striking combination that’s very popular in homes that are going for a more modern look.

9. Pink Is a Daring Choice

Pink is another great color for exterior trim. This color can be used to make your home stand out and create a unique look. Pink is also a color that’s popular for homes with children or pet owners. The color pink is very noticeable on the exterior trim and has a strong feminine look. Pink can be used on trim and siding. If you choose to go with pink trim, then you should use white for the siding and windows. This combination will look very elegant. Pink is also a popular shade for the paint on your front door. This combination is bold, and the contrast between the white siding and the pink trim can create a dramatic effect.

You can use any of these colors on your exterior trim, and they will create a bold and eye-catching look. When choosing a color, you should keep in mind how high maintenance the color is. Choosing a color that is easy to maintain is important so you can have it looking great every time you step outside of your home. It’s a good idea to make sure the color you choose will go well with the other colors used in your home design. Find a professional residential painter and discuss your ideas with them to choose the best color for your trim. Simply search for a painter near me and give them a call today.

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