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Complete Guide to Cleaning Commercial Flooring

The year 2020 has many people scrambling to keep their commercial facilities disinfected regularly. However, not all cleaners are useful for rendering viruses harmless, degreasing floors, and shining on the surface. If you’re stripping a commercial floor to add a protective layer of paint, you have additional challenges.


Soap and Water First

Disinfecting is different from cleaning, so start with soap and water to take up dirt; it’s more cost-effective. If the floor is concrete, consider using a commercial cleaner with a stiff brush to get down into the crevices.

Most folks know that water is hard on wood floors. However, unfinished concrete can also suffer water damage and may be discolored by some chemicals. If your facility has unfinished concrete, contact a commercial painter about getting it thoroughly cleaned and sealed, preferably with an epoxy. Once it’s fully protected, cleaning and disinfecting will be easier and won’t put the concrete at risk.



If your facility is undergoing daily disinfecting to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19, start with protection for your employees. For example, make sure that everyone handling the disinfectant has gloves. They’re probably already masked, but consider offering a faceguard to reduce the risk of splashing or eye transmission.

Again, your professional commercial painting company can help. If you notice that your concrete floors are slow to dry or tacky after disinfecting, they may need a final rinse or another treatment before allowing foot traffic. Make sure to have your disinfecting product label available for your commercial painter when you contact them with questions. 

A floor that’s slow to dry can be dangerous. A floor that’s tacky will get dirty immediately as it picks up dust and dirt from shoes, wheels, and anything else that passes over it.


Dry Time and Sealant Requirements

If you’re concerned that raw concrete is at risk or that your current sealant isn’t going to last, your commercial painting company professional can help. Poorly applied sealant, or sealant that failed to adhere because of moisture, may need to be stripped. This process is time-consuming, but in the end, you’ll have a floor you can count on for years.

Dry time is critical in this process. First, the concrete must either be stripped of the old sealant or at least deep cleaned. Once cleaned, the concrete will need to be allowed to dry completely. Once dry, your concrete may need a moisture sealer as the first layer, then your chosen top coat can be added. Each application of liquid, particularly on unsealed concrete, will add drying time to the schedule.

When considering updating the sealant on a concrete floor, be ready to have that area of your facility off-limits. Proper cleaning is critical for proper adhesion, and one person walking through the space can track in dust and dirt. Also, be aware that blowers and fans may need to be shut off to allow the surface to dry and cure in a dust-free environment. Our end goal is for you to enjoy a floor that will last for years.


Contact Ram Painting

Ram Painting understands that you need all of the spaces in your building. We can work with your schedule to put together a cleaning, rinsing, drying, and sealing plan that will allow you to get back into the space as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to make a long-term investment in your facility that will keep your employees, clients, and family safer as we weather the pandemic, call us at 702-300-3359 for a consultation. Learn about these 10 exterior colors that can help you sell your house!

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