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Four Things to Know Before Painting Trim

Painting the trim in your home is a great way to brighten up your space. While this project means that you have to move all of your furniture away from the walls, the disruption can be worth it if you put it to work.


What four things should you know about painting trim in your house? 

  1. Prep the Sitepainter near me
  2. Use the Right Gear
  3. Select the Trim Color Carefully
  4. Clean Up Like a Pro


Prep the Site


Once you get the furniture moved far enough that you have space to crawl along with the baseboard trim, dust, and wipe down the trim. Apply painter’s tape along the top of the edge and lay down a drop cloth on the floor to reduce the risk of splatter or drip. 


Use the Right Gear


Follow the example of a painting company Las Vegas and use the right gear to protect your body. Use knee pads and goggles, especially if you need to sand away any roughness. While it is tempting to buy a cheap paintbrush, invest in a good quality angled brush that will allow the paint to flow effectively and not leave bristles in the paint as you lay it down. 


If you need to apply a primer over a dark trim before putting on a top white coat, be very careful about your brush choice. Cheap brushes are easier to toss after priming, but these brushes, as well as foam applicators, can leave residue in the primer coat, which will ruin the look of the topcoat. Using quality supplies for a paint job is key and helps you do the job once instead of repainting. Unsure of what brands to purchase? Read reviews online, ask an employee at your local hardware store, or call a painting company in Las Vegas for assistance. 


Color Choice


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When choosing the colors for your house painting Las Vegas project, carefully review where you will stop your trim choice. If you want the same color throughout the whole house, your stopping point can be just at the doorway until you’re ready to start the next room. 


However, if you want to use a particular color or sheen in one room, tape out the areas where you don’t want to paint and carefully review the stopping point. Before you apply the new color, consider using the lightest version possible. 


First of all, it will take fewer coats and less touch-up. Secondly, if you live with it for a while and decide to go back to a uniform trim color, changing things back won’t take multiple layers of trim paint.




Once the trim is painted, carefully remove the tape by pulling straight back and slightly up from the wall. This method will reduce the risk of tearing up the top edge line you just created. If at all possible, take the tape off while the paint is still slightly wet. Don’t take up your drop cloth until the paint is completely dry, then pull it straight back from the, take it outside and shake it off.


If you’re considering painting all of the trim in your home, contact Ram Painting or call us at 702-300-3359 for a consultation. Trim painting can be disruptive and take up all of your free time and weekends! Contact us for a quicker process and to get back to enjoying your tidy home.

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Updated: 1/12/21

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