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Get Your Colors Right by Hiring a Las Vegas Painter to Transform Your Vacation Rental

Whether you want to refresh the outside of your rental home in Vegas or add some style to your interior, the first consideration is color. According to a Las Vegas painter, several factors could influence your decision.

One factor is the location. Exterior colors should reflect the basic tone of the community. If the surrounding homes are painted in neutral color tones, try to stay within those same parameters. Your exterior should also be something that’s easy to maintain and hides the effects of wind and weather.

When it comes to interiors, residential painters and homeowners have more leeway and options. However, the color selection and placement should be inviting to a broad spectrum of renters. Since the first view of your rental home will be via an online gallery, it should present as well on camera as it does in person.

As for the actual color scheme, there are no hard-and-fast rules. There are, however, some best practices that combine style with practicality. The key point is to choose something attractive and inviting to potential guests, cost-effective, and easy to maintain.

As for the paint finish, try to stay away from flat or glossy paints. Flat paint is harder to keep clean and just looks dull after a while. Gloss coats should be used minimally and relegated to doors, some trim, and furnishings. Stick with an egg-shell or semi-gloss for easy cleaning and a more attractive finish.

Why Neutral Tones Work Well

When people think of “neutral”, they usually envision beige, bland, and boring. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. There are very lovely tones and hues within that color family as well as grays, creams, and even basic black or white.

Neutral tones work well on their own to create a monochromatic color scheme, but they can also function as a backdrop for bright, bold colors, pastels, and earth tones as well as a range of prints and paint effects. They’re more universally attractive and compatible with decorative tastes from traditional to contemporary. Images of your rental will look great with this color scheme and attract more bookings too.


Follow the 60/30/10 Rule and Have It All

According to design consultants for Airbnb, this is the current best practice for residential painting. It’s also a timeless classic in terms of style, so your home will always reflect your good taste. Updating the look is easier, too, because you only need to change the accent colors to reflect contemporary trends. The neutral base will always be in style.


So What Is the 60/30/10 Percent Rule?

According to residential painters in Las Vegas, it means to use white or a light neutral as your main color, which adds up to approximately 60 percent of the paint. Thirty percent should be your accent or complementary tone. The other 10 percent is where you add bolder accents or focal points.

For example, you could choose almond or cream as the main color for all your walls. That should cover about 60 percent of your vacation rental. Next, choose an accent color for things like doors, trim, and flooring. The 10 percent is where you can add unique touches like pops of color, paint effects, partial wall coverings, and other decorative touches.

One classic combination is off-white walls and wood flooring throughout the home. The spaces are individualized with art, vases, throw pillows, and other decorative touches in whatever color combos or styles you prefer.

You could also go with white, pale gray, or off-white walls and then add color by painting one wall a dark, bold shade or adding wallpaper or prints. Natural wood flooring throughout or a mid-tone, wall-to-wall floor covering will tie it all together.

Another style choice is to go with a subdued, monochromatic paint scheme and then add a splash of color with a sofa or brightly colored bookcase. Don’t forget that plants add color, too, and they’re great for improving indoor air quality.

Just bear in mind that monochrome can mean using every shade and hue in the same color family rather than just different tones of the same color.

If you need ideas or you’re unsure how to color match, house painters in Las Vegas will be happy to show you samples of different color combinations. You can also browse magazines and websites to get ideas.


Whatever You Choose, Keep It Consistent

Color selection aside, the main consideration is to keep the interior tone and color scheme consistent throughout the home. It adds simplicity to the décor, presents a unified tone and feel, and your home will look amazing when potential guests view images or see it in person.

“Consistent colors” doesn’t necessarily mean that everything must be exactly the same from room to room. It simply means that you should keep walls, trim, and accents within the same family or group of complementary colors. You can still add touches that make various rooms unique, but the whole style and tone of the interior should present a unified image.


The Case for and Against White

One long-standing trend for home stagers has been to just paint everything white. It opens up spaces and allows the prospect to see themselves living in that environment. White paint is also an easy, economical choice, which is why property managers and owners love it. It looks great in pictures as well.

However, pure white walls are very stark and institutional. Maintenance is also more costly and labor-intensive because white walls show every scuff, ding, and smudge. That means more frequent repainting and touch-ups between guests.

If you’re set on white because you like the aesthetic, consider off-white paint in a warmer tone. This will provide you with a softer white that hides imperfections and wear better than pure white. It also makes your interiors more inviting, and it blends well with any color scheme from bright to pastels and neutral tones.


Choosing a Las Vegas Painter

Choosing a Las Vegas painter follows the same basic guidelines of hiring most contractors. You should choose an established company with a proven track record of quality work. Ask for references from recent customers, take a look at their portfolio of previous work, and look for online reviews or customer testimonials.

Next, you want to make sure that the Las Vegas painter is licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask whether they do the work themselves or hire outside contractors. A company that works with an in-house crew is generally more accountable for the results.

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