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Reasons Why a Painting Company in Las Vegas Uses Primer

Priming surfaces sometimes seems like an extra and unnecessary activity in the painting process because it involves adding more layers. However, its benefits outweigh the additional labor and cost. As a painting company in Las Vegas will tell you, primer almost looks like paint, but it has an adhesive binder and highly concentrated materials.


If you are debating whether you should include a primer in your next interior or exterior painting project or not, consider the following benefits.

Achieves Better Paint Adhesion

A surface’s adhesion depends on various factors, such as how old it is and what it is made of. This adhesion is crucial because it determines how well the paint sticks to the wood or wall and how long it stays on the surface. Priming before applying the paint creates a more rigid and tenacious surface for the color to stick on.


Having a firmer surface is more important when the wall material does not react well to the regular house paint. A painter near me can find different types of primers created for different types of paints and surfaces on the market today. Therefore, ensure that you research to ensure that you find a primer that suits the material of the wall.

Hides the Stains and Other Imperfections on the Walls

Primer provides a stable base for the paint. Various factors, such as mold growth, old paint, water damage, and splattered substances stain walls. Priming stained walls can mask all the imperfections and allow the paint layers to cover them entirely.


A primer can also disguise the dents and holes on the wood or wall. Sometimes, patching these holes with materials like drywall leaves the wall looking imperfect. The advantage of priming is that it makes these touched-up areas and the entire wall smooth and prepares them for the paint.

Sustains the Painting Company in Las Vegas’s Paint Job for Longer

Another reason why a Las Vegas painter should use a primer when painting a wall is because it increases the paint’s durability and enables it to stick on the wall for a longer period. The primer creates a concrete foundation for the paint and protects it from peeling, fading, and cracking. It means that the paint color will look beautiful for longer than it would have if you did not use the primer.


For example, the damaged water running down the wall will have to wear down the primer coat before reaching the paint. Therefore, if house painters Las Vegas want the painting project to look livelier and have a longer lifespan, ensure that you create protective layers or primer below the paint.

Delivers a Better Appearance

The painted wall will look more vibrant when you use a primer. The primer is thicker than paint and makes the surface more smooth and even due to this feature. Such a foundation makes the top coat look more beautiful and have a better texture.

Economizes on the Paint

When painting company in Las Vegas is working on dry or unpainted wood, it uses more paint because these surfaces are absorbent. One layer of paint vanishes fast as the material absorbs it. It means that the painters have to put multiple paint layers to cover the surface nicely.


Using a primer on drywall or unpainted walls reduces the absorption by filling the pores and preparing the surface for painting. After painting company Las Vegas has primed the wall, it will only need one or two paint coats to get a beautiful surface. Why waste a lot of expensive coats on absorption when you can use primer as the cheaper alternative?

Speeds Up the Painting Job

Most modern primers are water-based and this nature enables them to dry fast. Therefore, you will spend less time on house painting Las Vegas because you do not have to wait for days for the primer to dry for you to paint.


Modern primers can even last for about twenty-four hours. However, the Henderson painter should always check the label because the time depends on the brand. The shorter drying time advantages both residential and commercial property owners.

Makes It Easier to Achieve Major Color Changes

Painters should consider using a primer when making a significant color modification. They will be less likely to achieve a topcoat with the desired color if they add a layer to the existing paint. In most cases, the old color bleeds into the new one and creates a shade that looks like a combination of both. At other times, the old color will still show up regardless of the number of paint coats you add.


Using primer makes it possible to achieve the desired shade. This product covers the old paint and makes the entire wall white, hence giving the painter a blank surface to start over. Several layers of primer will hide the initial color and make it easier to switch to a new one. It also makes the fresh coat look livelier and more dynamic. The primer is more vital when switching from a dark to light color.

Prevents the Growth of Mold

Mold grows quickly on surfaces that are not water-resistant or that are exposed to elements like moisture. Priming these surfaces before painting prevents this damage because the primer acts as a cover and protects them from mold. Newly constructed buildings are more vulnerable to mold and can benefit significantly from the primer.

Saves Time and Money

Using a primer will help you save money and time in the long run. For example, you will not have to hire painters as frequently as before because the paint will take years to fade or peel off. Additionally, you will not have to spend more time planning another painting project.


For instance, if you paint without priming, you are likely to notice the original wall color, holes, blemishes, and stains even after completing the painting job. It means that you will have to purchase more gallons of paint or materials to cover the dents for you to achieve perfect results. One container of primer is more affordable than all these materials. It will save you time, energy, and resources.


In conclusion, priming increases the chances of achieving a perfect painting job. The amount of primer that Vegas painters require depends on the condition, color, and material of the surface that needs painting. For instance, you will only require one layer of primer if the wall is in excellent condition. On the contrary, a stained, glossy, or porous surface might require several coats of primer before painting.

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