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Guide to Creating a Stunning DIY Accent Wall

     Adding an accent wall is a wonderful way to change up your home without moving walls. A strong color can make it easier to group your wall art engagingly. A mural will allow you to add a lot of different colors. Updating the texture on one wall can turn an ordinary living room into something really engaging.


More Than Color

      An accent wall is just that, an accent. If you live in an apartment, you can create an accent wall with a large fabric hanging, such as a mandala scarf. Anything can function as an accent to draw the eye, from a quilt to a large mirror.

      If you’re allowed to paint, choose a color you like that offers a bit of contrast to your furnishings. If your sofa is tan, consider a blue accent wall. If you’re not allowed to paint, temporary wallpaper in a bold pattern can be a nice way to personalize the space for the time you’re there.


Textures and Shapes

 Professional house painters      If you are allowed to paint, consider laying out a simple geometric design and painting your own mural. To make this work, start from the ceiling and measure a level line. For best results, you will need

  • a level
  • a string line
  • a pencil
  • painter’s tape
  • a tape measure
  • some of your original paint
  • your new paint colors

      Once you have your level line, carefully sketch out your design. You can easily make circles by pinning a bit of string to the wall, tying the other end around your pencil, and creating a giant compass. Measure repeatedly as you go to avoid errors.

      Professional house painters will tell you that painter’s tape can always bleed. To avoid messy lines, brush a bit of the base wall color over the tape to seal the edge before applying your new color. When you pull the tape, any bleeding should be the base wall tape.

Covering Existing Paneling

      If your space has existing paneling that you would like to cover up, you may want to talk to a painting company for help with the prep work. Old paneling can often be painted with a heavy-duty primer, but the problem with paneling that shows up once it’s primed is the number of light leaks. 

      There may have been a gap where the baseboard meets the paneling. There may have been a gap where the top trim meets the ceiling. Look for a painter near me who can help you

  • clean the paneling for best adhesion
  • prep work, such as sanding the finish
  • priming the walls, including the trim
  • caulking any gaps for a smooth finish

      The topcoat can be a simple process to finish up once the base is consistent, but if you don’t have the tools or skills, you’ll never be happy with the topcoat. 


Adding Molding or Trim

 Professional house painters las vegas      You may also choose to add wooden trim or molding to change up your accent wall. A chair rail and wainscoting can be a lovely way to define an open concept home’s dining area. Adding a built-in bookcase to one wall can give you a terrific accent and lighten your storage load. 

      If you’re adding trim, you’re already creating a visual draw. Painting this wall in a deeply saturated color can be a nice option if you’re trying to create a sense of depth, but it can also get to be too much of a visual draw, looking cluttered instead of catching the eye.

      Luckily, new accent wall color trends mean that you don’t have to use cadet blue, forest green, or deep burgundy. Powder blue and blush pink have joined the ranks of accent wall colors, giving you the chance to build up texture on your accent wall as you choose colors that soothe as they draw the eye.

      Check with painting companies in Las Vegas for assistance on building up molding and trim. There are many ways to add molding for a beginner, but it can become dangerous if you’re not comfortable with the tools.

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Display Your Treasures

      Whether you chose a mural, a bookcase, trim, or a new color, now is the time to display your treasures. One large piece of art can be a terrific statement on your accent wall. This wall is made remarkable by the deep cocoa color, the bright white trim and fireplace mantel, the artwork, and the lighting. Interestingly, a similar piece of artwork on a nearby wall continues to take the eye around the space, giving it a huge and spacious feel.

      A built-in bookcase with a bright accent color at the back is a lovely way to show off your treasures. Consider investing in battery-powered lights to display your favorite things to the best effect.

      Finally, consider turning the whole wall into art. The global map featured in this dining room indicates that these folks are ready to hit the road and explore new adventures. Tidy trim above and below lets visitors study the map in detail with little distraction. Track lighting focused on the map increases the value of this art in the space.

      An accent wall adds personality to the room. Whether you’re there temporarily or are planning a long stay, the addition of some trim, color, and art can turn a boring box into a beautiful space that shows off what you value.


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