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Which Colors Boost Productivity in the Office?

Color has a significant impact on how our brains process information and react to stimuli. Some colors can energize us, and others can soothe us. Depending on your office’s stress level and the pressure your employees are under, your color choices can either calm things down or lift spirits to greater productivity.

So What Colors Can Boost Productivity in the Office? Read More.

Fire Colors

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The fire colors are all about energy and action. If your business is a bit staid, adding action colors can help folks lift their spirits and cheer them up a bit. Fire colors encourage radical thinking and a change-up from standard actions. 


Yellow is a terrific color for energy. It can also help with memory challenges. While a whole lot of yellow can quickly become too much, your commercial painting contractor can help you find a shade that will work as a base tone for the entire space or on an accent wall. While a bright, sunflower yellow could be terrific above a chair rail or wainscoting to create a pop of energy and focus, a pale creamy yellow could be a soothing choice.


Orange is one of those colors that can go in many directions, depending on the shade you choose. A deep rusty orange can be classical and elegant, as can burgundy. A pale orange or peach tone can be quite soothing and might even work in a nursery. Bright orange colors, such as pumpkin, are an excellent choice for a background or accent wall that you can fill with awards, charts, or artwork.


Red is the color of action and agitation. It’s also the color of STOP. Your commercial painting company can help you make the best choice of red tone and finish for an accent wall that will draw the eye. For example, if your company holds patents or has won business awards, a red accent wall loaded with white-framed images of your accomplishments would be a terrific place for your visiting clients and potential clients to STOP. This wall will allow them to take notice of who you are and what you do. The background will make your message even more important.


Water Colors


Water colors calm and soothe a space. Suppose your business is high-action, such as a high-finance company where rapid trading keeps everyone on their toes. In that case, water colors can lower heart rate and help professionals find calm and center before moving on to their next task.


painting companyBlue is a color associated with water and the sky. We’re accustomed to blue in large expanses and swaths. Talk with your commercial painter about ways to use medium or pale blue on long stretches of wall. Experts recommend that you stay away from dark blue tones in large expanses as it can lead to an emotional droop or sadness. Any deeply saturated color will likely be more effective as an accent wall.


Green is the color of growing things. If you’ve studied Mother Nature, you know that green is one of those colors that make all the other colors look good; the leaves in a dozen roses may not look like much on their own, but they make the rose petals even more beautiful. If your office has a lot of individual flair allowed, such as personal photos and art displays, discuss green walls with your painting contractor Las Vegas. Pale green with a hint of mint can freshen a room while it reduces eye strain for those who do a lot of computer work. Remember that some shades of green have an unpleasant historical association. The popularity of avocado toast has not improved the scourge of avocado green appliances and bathroom fixtures.


Crossover Colors


 If we consider the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, then the crossover colors arepainting companies in las vegas

  • orange, which is all fire
  • green, which tends to be calming, and 
  • purple


While orange ramps up the energy and green calms folks down, purple makes a strong statement to the viewer. Purple is the color of royalty. It’s also the color of honor, such as in a purple heart. While many purple shades are a bit too playful for a professional setting, an accent wall of a deep, smoky purple with awards or artwork featured on it would be an arresting place to stop, gather information, and center yourself. If your office tends to be a rather frenetic place due to the nature of your business, adding a purple wall for employee announcement postings could become a place for folks to lift their chins, square their shoulders, and head back to work with a bit more focus.

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Agitation Vs. Energy


Productivity is more about focus than energy. While considering paint colors for your office, be sure to also keep an eye out for distractions. If you choose a blue paint but don’t have a way to cut down on the office’s noise, the blue color can still help, but not as much as it would when paired with noise-canceling headphones. 


Red paint can energize a staid office, but a whole office of red walls would be like working inside a traffic hazard light. Use accent walls for pops of color to draw the eye, rather than oversaturating the environment. 


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