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Hiring a Painting Company in Las Vegas for Vinyl Siding

Aluminum was one of the first construction materials used as an alternative to wood and brick. As aluminum becomes dented and shows a lot of damage after some time, vinyl became more popular. No matter where you live in the Las Vegas area, the vinyl siding on your home may look dingy due to the dust and sand that clings to it. The vinyl is also susceptible to sun damage, which can make it look faded and dull. A Las Vegas painter can paint the siding and give it a brand-new look. Make sure you know a few helpful things before you hire a painter.

Your Warranty

When you choose vinyl siding for your home, you work with both a team to install it and the company or brand that sells it. The company will offer a warranty that covers defects in the siding and other issues you might face. If your warranty is still good, you may want to wait to hire a painter. Many vinyl warranty plans will not cover the siding if the owner paints it. You don’t need to worry about painting your home if the warranty on your siding expired.

Siding Integrity

One thing to keep in mind before you look for Vegas painters is the integrity of your siding. Do you keep finding more signs of damage every time you step outside that go beyond fading? You might see cracks in the siding where branches hit it during a storm or gaps below the siding. Painters cannot fix structural issues and may recommend that you hire a company to replace the siding. It’s a smart idea to paint the vinyl siding if you notice minor damage or have some sun damage.

Always Use Primer

Whether you hire a Las Vegas or Henderson painter, make sure that they use a primer. Vinyl siding often develops a problem called pitting, which refers to small dents and bumps on the surface. Those dents can occur when anything hits the side of your home like a squirrel running up to your roof or rocks that fly up when you mow your lawn. A good primer will fill in those dents and create a smooth surface for the paint.

Clean Before Painting

While you can paint vinyl siding, it’s important that you clean your home before you paint it. Many house painters Las Vegas estimates include the cost of cleaning your home. Most use a pressure washer that allows them to remove years of dirt and other debris from the siding. Cleaning allows the painters to make sure the siding is in good condition and that painting it is the best option. If you choose a painter who charges a lot to clean the siding or doesn’t offer this service, you can do it yourself. You’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the siding.

Choose the Right Paint

Painting a home with vinyl siding is different from painting a brick or timber home. You need to make sure you choose the right type of paint. When you choose latex paint, you risk the paint peeling away from the siding due to thermal expansion. Thermal expansion occurs when the temperature changes and is similar to the freeze and thaw cycle found in cooler climates. As the siding temperature changes, it expands and contracts, which can cause the paint to peel away. The best type of paint for vinyl siding is acrylic paint.

Painters Need to Use Multiple Coats

No matter what type of paint you choose, it will begin flaking off in the future. You need to paint the siding on a regular basis to make your home look nice. Using multiple coats will reduce the chances that you need to paint your home every year though. Using just two coats of paint creates a base coat for the siding and adds another coat on top. Even if the top coat peels or flakes, the base coat will shine through. Some Vegas homeowners prefer working with a company that adds three or more coats of paint to their vinyl siding.

Make Repairs

A residential painter can give you an estimate before they work. If you clean the siding yourself or hire someone to do it, you have the choice of making repairs on your own or letting a professional make those repairs. While primer hides some types of damage, it cannot cover everything. Vinyl putty is a similar product that hides cracks and chips in your old siding. Once you apply the putty and let it dry, you can sand it down. The painter can then apply primer directly on top of the putty.

Paint Colors for Vinyl Siding

When it comes to choosing a painting company, Las Vegas residents often look for those that help them choose the right colors for their homes. One thing to keep in mind is that you want to stick to colors that are similar to the color of your siding or slightly lighter. You don’t want to choose navy blue paint for tan siding. Choosing a darker color locks in the heat and can raise your home’s temperature, especially on hot summer days. A lighter color helps your Vegas home stay cooler.

Homeowners’ associations (HOA) are common in different parts of Las Vegas. If you live in one, always check your contract before you work with a Las Vegas painter. HOAs often have rules about what paint colors you can use. Your HOA may even require that you buy your paint from a specific store or contractor. Not only can a residential painter help you choose the right color for your siding, but they can also make sure they paint your home at the right time. When the sky is cloudy or the forecast calls for rain, it will take a long time for the paint to dry, which will increase how long it takes for the painter to apply each coat.

Paint Your Vinyl Siding

You can paint any type of vinyl siding that your Vegas home has. It’s important to clean the siding first and repair any damage you see before you use primer, which creates the smooth surface necessary for the paint. While you can choose from dozens of colors, stick to light and pale colors to keep your home cool. Working with a Las Vegas painter is the best way to make sure you get the look that you want for your vinyl siding.

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