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What Paint Would a Las Vegas Painter Choose for Stucco?

Like concrete, stucco is used as an exterior surface. It is made water, sand, and cement. Although applied wet, stucco is popular in warmer climates due to it being hard but breathable. It is usually for exterior siding. However, it can be used as an interior wall or on the ceiling. Exterior stucco requires very little maintenance. You can increase the curb appeal of your home by having a Las Vegas painter paint the stucco. The paint can also act as a barrier against UV rays and heavy rainfall.

Why You May Want to Paint Stucco

Due to its porous nature, moisture can get through as well as evaporate from the surface of the stucco. Applying high-quality paint to the stucco every five to seven years will keep it looking good for a long time and may prevent expensive repairs in the long run. You also want to address hairline cracks with caulking.

However, you want to make sure the stucco has set before painting it. You also want to make sure moisture is not trapped inside when applying the paint. Adding a coat of paint to the stucco on a humid day means that you will have to reapply paint much sooner than normal.

Preparing the Stucco for Paint

Before painting your stucco home, talk to your neighbors who also have the same exterior. They can probably give you some tips based on what worked for them. You can find out if they did it themselves or if they hired a professional. It is also a good idea to ask if they had any mold or mildew issues with the stucco and how they addressed it.

Next, you want to prep the stucco to avoid any bubbling or peeling issues later down the road. You will have to caulk cracks and crevices. You may also have to address major stucco repairs that come up. Your local paint store can you give you some tips on this. They can also help you choose the right paint for the job.

What to Know About Acrylic Latex Paint

When choosing paint, you want to either go with acrylic latex or elastomeric paint. Acrylic latex is usually the better choice though. Apply two coats of the paint. Due to the texture of the stucco, you may want to use an airless sprayer. You can then use a medium nap roller to backroll it. A flat sheen finish will give it a professional look.

Acrylic latex paint is considered the best choice for stucco due to its durability and flexibility. The paint is also breathable which makes it work well with stucco. This means moisture will not get trapped in the exterior walls in your house. Moisture can cause extensive damage to your home, including wood rot. The permeability of acrylic paint lets moisture evaporate freely.

The great thing about acrylic latex paint is you can easily apply and recoat it. The cleanup is quite easy as well. So, if you decide to change the color of your home, the process should be fairly simply. Not to mention, acrylic is quite affordable.

Why You Need a Las Vegas Painter for Elastomeric Paint

If your neighbors are successful in using elastomeric paint for their stucco exteriors, you may want to consider it for your own home as well. This a rubberized paint that is more resistant to water than acrylic paint. The viscosity of the paint allows it to fix hairline cracks in the stucco exterior.

Elastomeric exterior paint can last a long time. It can also provide protection for your stucco. If you have applied it properly, elastomeric usually lasts longer than acrylic paint by about 3 to 7 years. That being said, elastomeric paint has low permeability. As a result, it can trap moisture in the stucco walls. This can cause damage to the stucco and lead to issues with mold and mildew.

Elastomeric paint tends to be more expensive and takes more time to apply as it requires more skill than acrylic paint. Therefore, if you are going to choose elastomeric paint, you should hire a professional that specializes in painting stucco with elastomeric paint.

You also want to be sure with your decision to use elastomeric paint as you cannot use a different type of paint for additional coatings in the future. Elastomeric has fewer selections of color compared to acrylic.

Comparison Between Acrylic, Elastomeric, and Masonry Paints

Masonry paints can be used on a variety of surfaces, including, brick, cement, concrete, and stucco. Stucco masonry paint contains additives that reduce the development of mildew and increase the possibility of the paint bonding to the surface.

Compared to the cost, protection, and flexibility of acrylic and elastomeric paint, masonry paint falls somewhere in the middle. Masonry paint does not have a lot of color options. Should the manufacturer decide to discontinue the color you choose, it may be hard to find a match for the occasional touch-up.

Choosing the Right Color

When choosing what color to paint the stucco, neutral colors are quite popular. Having a tan, gray, or beige stucco exterior allows your landscaping to shine. Not to mention, if you choose a white stucco color, it creates a nice contrast for a darker trim color.

Your home’s architectural style also plays a role in deciding what color the stucco should be. You also want to think about your shingles, downspouts, and shutters when deciding on a color.

Darker shades, like black or dark blue, give your home a more modern feel. Darker colors also make it possible to highlight any outdoor lighting you have in your yard as well as the landscaping of your yard.

For a more classic look, you can choose grays and medium-tone blues. These are especially nice choices if your house was built before 1960. If you want to mix it up a little, you can choose a green color or even pink.

The Wrap-Up

Whether you need a residential painter or commercial painter, there are many things that you need to be considered with a stucco exterior. Before painting, you want to address any cracks in the stucco. Acrylic seems to be the best choice when it comes to paints due to its flexibility and permeability. However, if you decide to go with another type of paint, you will need professional help. A Las Vegas painter can help you decide what color is appropriate for your home.

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