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How to Transform Your Bonus Room into the Ultimate Playroom

Lighting the creative spark in your children will be easier with a playroom that allows spaces for construction, display, and storage. Other factors that make a playroom work include a spot for quiet fun, such as reading, and as much natural light as you can bounce around.


Strong Colors Divide the Space

 Try to create different areas or zones for different activities with color and texture. For example, a shiny white table that is easy to clean up can be the painting space, while a warm corner with richly toned walls and a beanbag chair with a plush throw can be the reading corner. 

 Talk to your house painters about special add-ons, such as a chalkboard wainscoting feature. Adding a chair rail and coating the wall below it in chalkboard paint can give your children even more space to express themselves.


Make Space for Movement

henderson painterTry to put down soft, flexible flooring in one section of the playroom for lots of movement. You can add mirrors to the wall near here for dance fun or put a climbing feature on the matting to help children burn off energy when conditions force the family to stay indoors. 

 If your playroom is on the first floor, make sure your window treatments offer privacy and let in plenty of light. Filtering vertical blinds are a nice option to keep direct sunlight out while keeping the space well-supplied with natural light.

 Finally, invest in thermal drapes for cold mornings. Before bed, close up the playroom curtains to keep out the cold air. Once the sun has had a chance to warm things up, you can open the drapes and keep your playroom more comfortable.

Read how you can create a stunning DIY accent wall here.


A Creation Platform

 A commercial painter can help you create a tough finish for your child if their medium includes whacking tools as well as paints, crayons, and pens. Make sure to discuss flooring sealants for durability and easy cleanup as well. If your little one is keen on building towers that can then be knocked down, an ordinary work surface can get beaten up pretty quickly.

 It may also be a good idea to talk to a handyman about building playing trays for liquids. Water tables and other tactile play activities can help your child learn physics, but you can also wind up doing a lot of mopping without the right play platforms.


A Spot for Spare Parts

House painters Las VegasEvery space in your house needs dedicated storage, and the playroom is no different. Do your best to create visible as well as covered storage. For example, colored pens and pencils can be kept above the drawing table in visible containers, but the building blocks in the construction zone may be better suited to a plastic drawer or bin.

 Make sure you keep in mind your goals as far as the visual field. Plastic drawers that allow the child to see in the bin without opening it are quite useful, but they can be visually jarring from a distance. If one of your goals with the playroom is a more streamlined look, consider using cabinets, shelving, and bins instead of clear drawers for a tidier look.



Display the Final Results

 You’ll want a display wall for your child’s ultimate creation. Get quotes from painting companies in Las Vegas about getting a custom gallery wall created for your child’s work. Invest in floating frames with no matting but are just two sheets of glass pinned into the frame, and consider swapping out the art once a month to keep things fresh.

 If you have space, bring in a small file cabinet to store previously displayed art for a time. Date the art as you take it down and consider discarding some of it after a period of time. Your child may or may not be concerned about this, but if you save everything, you can rapidly run out of room.


Make Tidying Easy

 If you have a water table, keep old towels in a plastic bin under it for easy cleanup. If paint and glue are favorite tools for your little creator, keep an old phone book under the workspace as a platform for objects that need to dry; if they dry to the table, you have a mess, but if they dry to the phone book, you can simply peel away the page. 

painting company Put up hooks that are easy for your child to get to and hang old shirts, an apron, and other tools to protect their regular clothes as much as possible. Let your children see how the paint contractors who work on your home dress keep their good clothes paint-free and encourage your children to use their dedicated painting and playing clothes. Professional painters invest in clothes that can handle paint.

 Create a sorting bin for children who love to construct projects, particularly blocks and Legos. Before the next project can start, go through the sorting bin and put all the building blocks from the last project away. 

 Look for a painter near me to help you find the best products for the walls and floor of your playroom. To get the best seal when working with easy-to-wash coatings, you may need to seal off the room and vent through the windows. Discuss low VOC options as well as durability before making your final choice.

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