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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal by Hiring a Painting Company in Las Vegas

The front of your house is the first impression you make when you have guests to your house. However, if you’re concerned that you’re not making a great impression, you should consider whether it’s your paint job. The wrong color or paint that’s simply chipping, peeling, or fading can make the entire exterior of your home look dreary, out of place, or even garish. If you’re wondering how a new paint job could liven up the exterior of your home, check out some of these tips. You can also hire a painting company in Las Vegas to take care of your home’s exterior.

A Painting Company in Las Vegas Can Paint the Shingles or Siding

Having a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the house can make it look more vibrant and fresher. Most homes have shingles made of wood or fiber cement, siding made of vinyl or metal, or they have a layer of stucco. When you choose to paint the exterior of your house, knowing what kind of material you’re painting on is imperative. This is because the material can affect your painting process and the type of paint that you use. To get the longest-lasting paint job, you need to choose painting materials that were intended for the house materials that you’re working with.

While some paint colors are classic, others can go in and out of fashion. Painting the main part of the house is one of the biggest steps that you can take to update the exterior of your house.

Have a Painting Company in Las Vegas Paint Your Fence

A freshly painted fence can do wonders for boosting the overall aesthetic of your home. White is the classic color, but you can also opt for colors like brown and gray. These colors can look very tidy but still be less prone to showing dirt than a white fence. You can paint on vinyl fences, but take the time to know which paints and processes will give you long-lasting results. You can also paint wood fences or even a wrought iron fence if you have one. It’s particularly important to paint these materials because a coat of paint will protect the wood from rot and wrought iron from rust, keeping your fence looking its best for years.

The Door Looks Best With Some Fresh Paint

As one of the first things that you look at when you see the front of a house, a door has the potential to add a lot of pop. Choose from colors like burnt orange, teal, navy blue, and hunter green. While there’s an almost infinite range of colors that could accent the house perfectly, bold ones often look best. They help draw attention to the front door as the focal point, drawing guests up your front walkway and into your home. To really give the front door a polished look, add a kick plate and door knocker in the same material as the door handle.

The Trim Work Needs New Paint

Having beautiful trim is almost as important as the paint on the siding. Peeling paint on the trim looks unsightly when you get close to it. It also exposes the wood underneath, leaving it more susceptible to wood rot. There are a lot of classic colors to choose from, including white and off-white. However, colors like tan and gray are also popular and work well against lighter house colors. If you have a Victorian house or another style that traditionally features bright colors, consider yellow, aqua, or magenta as an accent color. A painting company in Las Vegas will know the trends and the classic colors that look great with a specific style of house.

Remember the Garage Doors and Shutters

When it comes to all the accent colors, several options look good. For instance, you might find that you want the garage door to match the front door, or you can have it match the trim work. The same is true for the shutters. While there aren’t definitive rules on what should match with the trim or door, you should have a general idea of the effect that you’re going for before you choose to paint your house and all the trim. There are many painting apps that you can use to get a better idea of how all the colors that you choose will work together. For most of them, you simply upload a picture of your house and start trying out ideas.

A Henderson Painter Gets Rid of Dull Colors

Some people wonder if it’s worth it to change the color of a house if the paint is still protecting the materials of the house from the elements. The answer to this question is that it depends on what kind of mood you want to set and what the current colors of your home have. For instance, you might think that a dark blue house is fine. Or you might feel like your small home of about 1,200 square feet would look bigger if you painted it a lighter gray.

You might also paint your home a different color because you want to restore a classic house style to look more like it would have back when it was built. And you might also decide that you want to change the color of your house because you want to stay up with the trends. A painting company in Las Vegas can help you make these decisions.

House Painters in Vegas Get Rid of Fading and Flaking Paint

When you choose to paint your home, you have the opportunity to get rid of peeling paint that’s detracting from the overall crispness of your home. You would be amazed by how much a few new coats of paint can make the entire house seem tidier. Especially when you get close to it and notice all the places where the paint is flaking away. If you currently have a problem with paint that’s starting to chip off, you’ll need to do a thorough job of sanding off the old paint. It should be smooth, but also have enough tooth to give the new paint a solid surface to adhere to.

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A Painting Company in Las Vegas Helps Coordinate Colors

If you’re doing one part of the exterior of your home, such as the shingles, it’s a good time to think about the overall aesthetic of how the colors on your house work together to create a cohesive appearance. Even if you’re unable to finish all your projects until a few months after you start, you’ll be much more pleased with the final results if you take some time to think about how all the colors in your yard and the other painted surfaces on the exterior of the home will work together.

If you’re looking for ways to make the best impression when someone comes to your house, consider updating the paint on your home. A couple of coats of paint can greatly improve the curb appeal and protect your property so that it continues to look good for a long time. House painters in Las Vegas can help you reach your goals for the exterior of your house.

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