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Steps for Painting the Outside of Your Home

When it’s time to paint the exterior of your home, it’s a good idea to talk to a painting professional about the best product for your region. Homeowners in Las Vegas have a lot of conditions to battle when choosing the right exterior paint product to make sure they have the best UV resistance, heat tolerance, and dry conditions. It’s also important to note that the initial steps matter just as much as the topcoat choice.


painter near meScraping

 To start, make sure that you test the paint for lead content. Even though paint manufacturers stopped using lead in their formulations in 1978, there’s no way to be sure that your home wasn’t coated with older paint by a previous owner. Testing before scraping is critical for your safety. 

 If there’s lead found, discuss the best practices for your next action with a painter near me to avoid risk. If no lead is found, get a dust mask that fits well and mask the surrounding soil and plants. Simply laying tarps or drop cloths down will make it much easier to pick up the larger flakes of paint. 

 There are some regions and projects that can be made quicker with a pressure washer. Before starting this, make sure there is someone inside the house to help you monitor any leaks, particularly around windows, to avoid getting water inside the house.


Sandingexterior house painters

A cordless orbital sander is an excellent tool to allow you to feather the edges of scraped paint on long stretches of siding. You may need to use plain sandpaper to clean up any ornate trim or tight corners. A medium grit, between 80 and 100, will serve most prep painting needs. 

 If you have to climb a ladder to sand,

  • check to make sure the ladder is sound
  • settle the feet in securely before you start climbing
  • wear shoes with excellent grips
  • use a tool belt so your hands are free
  • don’t work farther than you can comfortably reach; your navel should always be between the side rails
  • if you are tired or overheated, stay on the ground
  • never climb a ladder in high winds

 One misstep can set your project back by a lot and may be a life-changing event. Carefully consider hiring a pro if you are not confident on a ladder.


exterior house paintersPatching and Filling

Carefully monitor as you scrape and sand. Any damaged trim or rotting wood should be replaced at this point. If you notice small dings or damage to any particular piece of wood, be ready to putty it. 

To keep this simple, consider carrying your phone with you. Take a photo of the damage and label it with the location on the house as you scrape and sand. When you’re ready to patch, you’ll have a detailed punch list for these repairs.

Once the repairs are done and putty has been applied, do a bit more sanding to prep new wood for priming.


Primingexterior house painters

Someone well-versed in house painting Las Vegas can help you choose the right primer for your home and for your region. Because primer is formulated to soak into whatever it’s applied to, it can be hard on brushes. You may be tempted to use the cheapest brushes possible for priming. However, a poor priming job will lead to a rough-looking paint job. 

Invest in good brushes. Even if you can’t get all the primer out of the bristles, a good angle-cut brush can add a quality finish to your priming project, particularly if you have a lot of lap boards that need priming from the bottom up. 

Priming is sticky work. Make sure to mask your sidewalks, plantings, and other items close to your house to avoid spattering them as you apply your primer.


exterior house paintersCaulking

Once you’ve primed, you’ll have a good idea of where the light gaps are, and these gaps will need to be caulked. At your local hardware store, you’ll find many different forms of caulking to fill gaps to protect your home. While most DIY painters are familiar with siliconized caulking that will accept paint, new urethane acrylics are often the favorite of a professional painting company. 

If you’ve never used a urethane acrylic product, be aware that, while these products offer tremendous flexibility and great cling, they are also very sticky to work with. Make sure you have a stock of gloves that fit well. Be ready to change them out often as you handle this caulking. Smoothing it can be a bit more challenging than working with a siliconized caulking product.


Painting exterior house painters

A professional residential painter knows that getting that top coat of paint on often looks simpler than it truly is. Any prior step to applying the topcoat can contribute to a smooth finish that will last for years or a rough-looking job that will need to be redone in a short time. 

Take the time to study up on paint formulations and make sure that you select a paint that is tolerant of desert conditions. Extreme coolness overnight can lead to moisture build-up, while hot sun during the day may cause cracks and splitting. Your house has a lot to tolerate in a year of Las Vegas weather. Cover it in the best paint for your region.


Contact Ram Painting for a conversation on getting the exterior of your home protected from the elements. From scraping and sanding to patching and caulking, we can help. Finally, when you’re ready for priming and applying the topcoat of color, we can help you keep your home well protected from the tough weather conditions of Las Vegas.

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