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Top Summer Las Vegas Home Improvement Projects

Many of us have been spending a lot of time in our houses. If you’re ready to do something a little different in your space, the summer home improvement projects listed below can give you the chance to better enjoy your home.


Update Windows and Doors

painting company Las VegasOne of the best ways to lower your electricity use and your utility bills is to update or replace your windows. If your windows have metal framing, pay special attention to the noise level inside your home. 

The insulation that wraps around the glass inserts in your windows and sits against the metal can degrade over time. As it breaks down, air and sound from the outdoors will get into your home. If you notice that the great outdoors is noisier inside your home than in the past, you may need new seals.

If your windows need to be replaced, updated vinyl windows can be added to your home that offers UV protection and multiple panes of air insulation. 



Brighten Your Kitchenpainting company Las Vegas

If your kitchen has wooden cabinets that are looking dated, consider contacting a painting company to either come and give you a quote on updating that finish or paint over the wood of the cabinet.

While updating your cabinets, you might also consider

  • changing out the knobs and pulls
  • putting on new hinges
  • adding internal storage tools

A slider in a lower cabinet or a pull down tray in an upper cabinet can turn a basic storage box into a very user-friendly storage tool. If you can find a residential painter to help you out with the new color or finish, these useful storage tools can help you enjoy the feeling of a whole new kitchen without the hassles of moving. Look for a painter near me to start the thinking process.



painting company Las Vegas

Cooling and Heating Tools

Consider adding a new or updated ceiling fan to a bedroom or an office. If all of your interior rooms have ceiling fans, take a look at your outdoor seating areas. Adding a ceiling fan to a porch or a pergola can extend your enjoyment of the space. 

It may require some mental gymnastics, but you might also consider updating the heat in your home. If you have a cool spot in your home during Las Vegas winters, you might consider adding an electric fireplace or updating the air circulation in your home to reduce these chilly areas.



Increase Security and Curb Appealpainting company Las Vegas

If your front door is in good shape, consider adding a new color to your door to increase your curb appeal. Make sure you have a peephole and consider adding a wireless camera to make it easier to monitor your front door. Seek out a painter near me for recommendations on the best paint product for your region.

Your painting company contact can also help you check your caulking and sealants. Sun and heat are very hard on products that are supposed to stay flexible, so be sure to update your caulking as soon as it starts to crack away. Your residential painter can help you find a product that will tolerate conditions in your area.

Another nice addition to your home and landscaping is more lighting. New solar lighting technology means that you can successfully light

  • paths 
  • plantings
  • your front door

by simply sinking a light into the ground near what you want to highlight. Take a walk around your property and keep an eye out for dark corners. You can rapidly improve the security of your home with a simple solar-powered motion detector light which you can mount to your home with just a couple of screws.


painting company Las VegasAdd Shade

Consider adding more shade to the east and south sides of your home. An awning over your east and south windows can limit the heat that builds up in your home early in the day. If you’re limited on adding awnings due to HOA rules, talk to a local nursery about the best deciduous trees for your region. 

While choosing plantings and trees to provide your home with more shade, pay attention to what your neighbors plant and the expected life of the tree. If your neighbor has a fruit tree, get a different fruit tree or a different variety of trees to avoid providing invasive bugs with the same snack at multiple houses. Building variety into your yard can protect you from loss in the event of an invading insect.

Your home upgrades can increase your satisfaction and your comfort with the space in each change that you make. To keep your space unique, consider adding personal touches with each change. If you’re tall, upgrade your bottom cabinets with pull out drawers. If you’re short, add pull down shelving. If you tend to be cold, upgrade your outdoor space so you can soak up the desert heat, and if you run hot, add all the fans you want. Read on how you can transform an empty room into a play room here.


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