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Surprising Health Benefits of a Newly Painted Office Space

painting contractors

Updating the paint inside your office, warehouse and manufacturing area can seem like a simple decision. However, your paint choice can have an impact on durability, bacterial resistance, moisture protection and the mood of your employees!

The first step in painting is to get things scheduled. If your office has been shuttered or running with few in-person employees, scheduling a new paint job could be fairly simple. This is an ideal time to assess how much paper you need to keep, exactly what items you need to store inside the office in particular, and do some serious sorting and cleaning up before all of your employees come back.

There are also hidden benefits from freshening up the look of your office. Read on for benefits noted by our painting contractors.

Clean Walls, Seal Toxins

Depending on when your office building was built, there may be a risk of lead paint inside the space. Even if you are not at risk of flaking paint, taking the time to

  • pull down all art
  • clean all the walls
  • patch holes
  • prime the walls
  • paint with a quality topcoat

will freshen the space, give you the chance to reorganize as needed, and make sure there is no risk of flaking paint or outgassing from the current topcoat. Having fewer people in your space could have allowed a lot of dust to settle, so you will need to be sure and deep clean air ducts, floors, and walls.

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Increase Productivity, Safety and Morale

A fresh coat of paint will allow all of your workspaces to feel cleaner. Additionally, the prep work for a great coat of paint means that everything in the space can be

  • cleaned
  • moved
  • reorganized
  • sorted
  • recycled
  • discarded

If you and your staff can take the time to organize before the commercial painter comes in and applies a durable coat of antimicrobial paint, your return to the space after COVID can be even safer than you enjoyed in early 2020. Without the fuss of moving, you can enjoy a remarkably fresh start!

Your Las Vegas painter can help you choose a color that is more than just white to give your office, manufacturing space and warehouse areas more interesting and more energizing for all of your employees.

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Rebrand as You Return to the Workspace

Working with your marketing team and your commercial painting contractor is a great opportunity to update your brand. You can invite in employee input on items included in rebranding. Use the effort and investment of rebranding to be a time to relaunch into your city and region.

As you return to the office post pandemic, look for ways to get your brand and name back into the community. For example, new colors and your reconfigured logo can be used in

  • tote bags for trade shows
  • water bottles for in person customers
  • tee shirts to support local sports teams

By incorporating a new logo into your painting plans, you can easily rebrand your organization, freshen and clean the space, and raise morale. Do be sure and make your logo simple enough that you can also create a serviceable black and white logo to add to an accent wall of color just inside your front door.

Get these tips on how to improve the look of your garage here!

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Repair Any Damage

If your business has been shuttered, or if you have been running with a skeleton crew, you may notice water damage, flaking paint, or corrosion on exposed metal. With a call to a painter near me and a consultation with your painting contractors, you can get your building cleaned up and freshened with corrosion resistant paint, a dust cleanup, and mold resistant top coat before your employees all come back.

Of course, you may have repair work to do on the roof and around windows. Many businesses moving back to full time work are finding that their structures may have suffered some damage while left dormant. Once any structural repairs necessary have been taken care of, consider bringing out a commercial painting professional to review features such as sealants and to address any waterproofing needs.

Finally, carefully review the office walls of your business. If folks have been working from home and the HVAC has been set either higher or lower than is comfortable for work, there is a chance that moisture has built up over time. Even if there have been no leaks, you may see discoloration and even mold growth in a leak free office. Clean, prep and seal with a great paint before employees come back en masse.

Boost Creativity and Engagement

Bringing your employees back into an office that is dull will not help your growth or your retention. An awful lot of employees are expected to leave full time work, as they found that working from home was beneficial to their families and their budgets.

To make sure that the space inspires and invigorates returning employees into problem solvers, creative thinkers and folks excited to be back in the office, do your best to use color that promotes innovation.

If you need folks to feel hopeful but stay calm, use blues and greens on the wall with yellow in fabric and accent pieces. If you need your employees to stop, think, reassess and come at a problem from another direction, yellow walls may be agitating while grey walls will be depressing.

Your office, manufacturing area and warehouse space could use an update. Now is the time to consider a new logo, incorporate new colors into your brand, and boost morale. The colors in your building and business need to draw folks in, lift them up, and get them moving forward in the most innovative way possible. We are building a new normal. With the right environment, your business can have a huge impact.

As you strive to make the best decisions for your future business growth, contact Ram Painting for an assessment of your current building needs, any repairs or updates that will need to be made prior to your painting project, and the recommended colors and sheens for your facility needs.

painting contractors

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