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Tips for Selling Your Commercial Property Without a Realtor

If you own a piece of commercial property and are ready to sell it, you may struggle to get your money out of it if you work with a realtor. Because most commercial property buyers are shopping for various applications, selling on your own is a better option. To make sure your property gets a lot of looks, consider the tips below.

Read These Tips On Selling Your Property:

Clean It Up from the Front exterior image


Clean the building inside and out. From the inside, make sure the grass is always cut, and the sidewalks are trim. Take a look at the window coverings inside the building from the sidewalk and make sure that the window treatments match and look tidy. 


Take a look at all plantings in front of the building or along the sidewalk and get them trimmed up or removed as needed. Finally, get the building cleaned and paint it with a fresh, pale color such as a light, buttery white, or an ashen grey. Painting the building all white will give it a utilitarian look; a pale tint will create a customized look. Your Vegas painters can help you find the perfect shade for the region.


Make sure you also paint the trim with a subdued, classic color such as navy, deep green, or burgundy. A freshly painted building with clean, sharp trim will look great in your photos and videos.


Freshen the Interiorpainting company


While you’re working on the outside, your commercial painting contractor can also be working on the inside. Carefully review the ceiling materials and replace any ceiling tiles that have suffered damage. Wash or paint any ceiling members showing dirt or corrosion; spray paints can do the job, but they may all need to be painted for a clean look. Your painting contractors can help you find the best option for any damaged ceiling tile members.


Getting the interior painted may take some time. Your painting contractor will go over the walls carefully to patch all the holes and repair any dings or damage. If you’re in a rush, make sure you fully understand the schedule. A quality paint job has a lot of prep work, and repairs will need time to dry. Drying time doesn’t look like much is going on, but you can’t rush a quality paint job. Trust your Vegas painters.


Apply a neutral paint that isn’t white if at all possible. A clean, bright white has a blue base and will look good with most grey colors but may make tan flooring look dingy and dirty. A pale cream tone is obviously in the warm spectrum, but it won’t clash like a white can. Give the space a bit of personality with real color.


Get Utilities Working and Show With Lights and Power On


Anyone who has ever bought a house with the water off knows that there is an inherent risk on the day the water gets turned back on. Once you have a property cleaned up and ready to show, get the water, power, and gas turned on. If it’s cold, show the building with the heat and lights on. If it’s warm, show off the building with the AC running. Encourage folks to turn on the water. Letting potential buyers know that they’re buying a trouble-free building can speed the process.


If the facility has large, long fluorescent tubes, consider upgrading the lighting. Install an energy-efficient fixture and light bulb that fits close to the ceiling, so the new buyer has lots of options for the facility.


Display Inspection/Repair Dates


Once you go through the building and get everything cleaned up and running smoothly, make sure you show off the

  • utility inspection or purchase date
  • any warranty or user instructions on furnace and water heater
  • a magnet showing off the company that did the last cleanup or repair


If you invested in a new water heater or a new furnace, show it off. If a local company repaired and serviced the AC, put a magnet on a vent with an inspection date. 


painting companyReview the Flooring


Check out the carpet. Many folks are looking for a space for their business that don’t have the time or the interest to replace the flooring. If the carpet is in rough shape or is dated, get it pulled out. Even if you can’t afford to replace the carpet, contact your painting contractor Las Vegas for a quote on sealing and painting any underlying concrete. If the next buyer chooses to cover it, they are welcome to invest, but you can get the floors sealed and painted for a nice finished look without installing more carpet.


Do the Paperwork Right


Even if you’re selling the building privately, make sure you hire an attorney to get the paperwork right. You’ll need to get the land surveyed and probably get the property appraised, and the decisions about who is paying for all of those services should be on paper. Don’t be surprised by having a sale fall through because you didn’t understand the expense sharing situation or get the paperwork right. Read more on how to identify these potential problems when buying your own house.

It’s essential that your business or commercial building looks bright, sharp, and well-kept. Having a professional company like RAM Painting come and apply a fresh coat of paint will restore your building to its previous look or make it look like new. We use high-quality paint that can withstand the elements without chipping or fading. We guarantee that you’ll get even coverage with an eye-catching finish that elevates your commercial building to the next level. Contact the professionals at RAM painting for a free estimate today.

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