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Top Problems to Look for When Buying an Old House 

No matter how much we fantasize about renovating an older home, the truth is that tearing into an old wall can create a lot of new problems. Additionally, many old houses consist of many small rooms, so open concept living will take a lot of work. That being said, an older home can be a charming choice if you are willing to put up with the inherent problems.

When Buying an Old House, Keep an Eye on These Things



Old wooden windows are graceful, classic, and drafty. Wooden windows in a home in the desert can also be dried out and rotted. Before you buy an older home with wooden windows, review the current utility bills, and get a quote for replacements. 




Roofs, like anything else on a house, get old. Too much rain, cold, dust, sun, and wind will damage them over time. One of the biggest hassles to pay for on a roof is when the new product is laid over the old, as this can limit the effectiveness of the repair and add a lot of weight to your home. 


Plaster Quality


If you walk through a house with the right vintage to be plaster, carefully look at the corner where the wall meets the ceiling and the area above the baseboards. In a sheetrock house, check out the condition of the rock above the corners of the door frames. Plaster will crack, but sheetrock above the door frames can be forced to split as the house settles. The patch for this can be labor-intensive, but unless the house is in serious trouble, it’s not an indication of a huge problem. Patches and proper priming help can be found at the right painting companies in Las Vegas.


Wooden Details Inside the House


Take a look at the details inside the house. Features like built-in cabinetry, or built-in place shelving under staircases, may need attention. A built-in display cabinet can be quite pretty when it’s been cleaned up, but if you notice that it’s darkened by dirt or that the varnish has cracked, it may need some work by your Las Vegas painter. 




Get a professional to look at the roof, the electrical, and the foundation. Rather than paying for a home inspector, pay out of pocket for a general contractor to come give you a price on the “right away” fixes. For example, if the foundation has some cracks but no apparent movement, you should be able to fix it for a reasonable amount. If there are significant problems with the foundation, you can walk away and still be money ahead.


There can be a lot of joy in owning an older home, but you want to go into it with your eyes wide open. Contact Ram Painting for a conversation and consultation about the condition of wooden trim, any accents inside that need some TLC, and the plaster or sheetrock situation. Get our complete guide for home improvement projects here.


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