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2021 Top Kitchen Designs

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Your kitchen is a workroom, but it’s also a space of great creativity. If you love to cook, functionality is key. If you like to cook and love to entertain, visual appeal will matter even more! No matter what, your kitchen should be a joyful place to spend time.

Painted Cabinets Instead of Wood Tones

The year 2020 was, for many, a time to make big improvements at home. For those who were not in a position to deal with the mess and disruption of replacing cabinets, hiring skilled painting contractors and updating cabinets with a new and unique paint color was a highly popular choice.

If your cabinets are already painted, the sky’s the limit in terms of new color choice. That being said, cabinets take up a lot of visual real estate in a kitchen. If your space is small, a navy blue cabinet color on the bottom with an elegant cream or light finished wood on top could keep things light while adding weight and elegance to the space. For a cottage look, a cheery yellow might be an ideal choice.

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A Move Toward Dark Countertops

Painted cabinets offer those in need of a redecoration the chance to radically change the mood of the space. Another way to change up the intensity of a working kitchen is to add dark countertops. A matte finish will be easier to care for overall, but you can maintain the elegance of a dark countertop with the addition of

  • white small appliances, such as a toaster or a coffeepot
  • white or wood tone storage containers
  • mirrored or gloss tiles on the backsplash

An empty countertop can be extremely tidy, so make sure that whatever you plan to store on the countertop offers contrast. Something that stands out will still look tidy, but a dark object that tends to disappear on a dark countertop will increase a sense of clutter.

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Bold Backsplashes

Consider adding a burst of color on a backsplash. Current peel and stick options mean that you can easily change up your backsplash if you get tired of a thematic image or a picture mosaic.

When planning a thematic backsplash, make sure you incorporate enough storage for small appliances so they are not in the way of your image. A floral tiled backsplash can look incredibly sharp against a black countertop and white cabinets, but if you lose part of a flower behind the toaster, you reduce the impact.

Consider consolidating small appliances or investing in a countertop garage where you can easily stash those daily tools, such as your

  • coffeemaker
  • toaster
  • mixer
  • juicy
  • smoothie blender

If you can put these items on a tray that can easily slide in and out of the garage, you can cut down on crumbs and will make cleanup after breakfast a breeze. Many kitchen garages have a tambour door, which can be tricky to paint or refinish. Talk to your Las Vegas painter about the best way to treat this mechanism so you don’t limit the motion of the door.

This update of your storage space is also the time to check out some of the newer appliances on the market. A healthier diet is always a great investment, so anyone considering a kitchen rehab may benefit from a steam cooker or a convection oven.

Read more on how to use epoxy to update your garage floor here.

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Build in a Pantry

One of the hard lessons of 2020 is that it is a good idea to lay in a reserve of necessaries, from toilet paper to canned foods. Talk to a residential painter and carpenter about finding a spot to add a pantry to your kitchen.

If you don’t have space for a walk-in pantry, consider adding a pull out pantry cabinet that can be easily accessed from both sides. Another option is to add an island with heavy duty drawer glides on the bottom drawers. These drawers can be a great spot for

  • heavy canned goods
  • dishes, which will free up other cabinets
  • pots and pans

Don’t let yourself be limited in what you store in your pantry. Pantry storage can include anything that you need to stash in your home. If you want to increase your storage of personal care products, establish a shelf in your pullout pantry for extra

  • toothpaste
  • body wash
  • shampoo

No matter what comes, having some extra storage will make it much easier to be confident in your ability to hunker down when needed.

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The Sink Skirt

If you are planning to renovate the kitchen, or if you have been working on the whole house, you may find that you end up trying to function in an unfinished space. If your painting company is waiting for your color choices because you are waiting for inspiration, go ahead and add a sink skirt to cover up all the plumbing and storage below your kitchen sink.

The process of adding a sink skirt is actually pretty simple. You will need

  • a tension or curtain rod long enough to fit below the countertop edge
  • café curtain pincer hooks
  • the curtains or flat panels of fabric, long enough to cover from under the counter edge to the floor

You can make a sink skirt from just about any piece of fabric that is larger than the gap under the sink. If you are not a seamstress, hem the edges with heat activated binding tape and use the café curtain hook to clip onto one edge of the panel. Consider using two panels if the expanse is wide or you need easy access to the space on a regular basis.

While you are waiting to get your color choices to the house painters, you can try out several different colors with your sink skirt choices.

Warm Tones Are In

Talk to your Henderson painter about updating your kitchen with shades of sunset. Tones from cinnamon to peach and from warm beige to salmon are gaining in popularity for 2021. These comforting colors may be just what you need to get inspired about a kitchen update.

Modern kitchen trends are also leaning toward the kitchen as a gathering space. While you work on your kitchen design, keep an eye out for a way to add a sizable island where guests can visit, help out or just keep you company. A conversation with a painter near me and a carpenter may be necessary if you are considering taking out walls. However, turning a separate kitchen and dining space into a comfortable, beautiful gathering space may be a great excuse to bring in the best painter you know and remake your space.

Your new kitchen could be just what you need to celebrate your home again. If you are feeling tired of your space or are ready for a change, contact Ram Painting for a conversation about what your kitchen could be.

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